Japan-russia Rapprochement: Will It Last Long?

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Since the end of the Cold War both Russia and Japan have been attempting to build a new framework for their bilateral relations. As a result of the Ukraine crisis in 2014, Russia has shown greater interest in pivoting to the East, looking for partners in Northeast Asia. This has coincided with the Abe administration seeking to construct a strategic cooperative partnership with Russia in order to contain the rise of China. The changes in the relations between the two major powers will have profound influences on the security structure of Northeast Asia and the trends of regional hotspot issues.

Latest Developments in Japan-russia Relations

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has to a certain extent inherited from his predecessors the strategy of seeking a rapprochement with Russia. Abe has frequently arranged meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in hope of securing a political consensus. As a result, the two Abe administrations had conducted 18 meetings with Russia by April 2017. Putin also recognized this effort by saying that frequent dialogues with Japan have helped solve long existing problems and promoted the two countries’ bilateral relations.1 There

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