Wit­ness to An­cient Bat­tle­grounds

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The north­ern area of Yan­men­guan sits close to the bound­ary be­tween agri­cul­tural and no­madic civ­i­liza­tions; hence, since an­cient times, this area has wit­nessed count­less bat­tles, such as the bat­tles be­tween the Song and Liao dy­nas­ties. Illustration/ Liu Zhenyu

Shaanxi Prov­ince Yun­zhou r Rive ggan San Da­tong He­bei Prov­ince er iv R w llo Ye Liao Em­pire Shanxi Prov­ince Lingqiu Yingzhou Feihu Huanzhou Laiyuan Ying County Mayi Shuozhou Shuozhou r Rive uo Hut Yan­men­zhai Langya Vil­lage Yan­men­guan Langer Vil­lage Daizhou Shi­jie Valley Dai County Lower Shi­jie Valley North­ern Song

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