The El­e­gant Dancers

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In China, the rare black stork ( Cico

ni­an­i­gra ) is as much revered as the gi­ant panda. Although they are highly adept long-dis­tance mi­gra­tors and can be found through­out Europe, Asia, and Africa, in the last decade their to­tal pop­u­la­tion has been in con­tin­ual de­cline, mak­ing this species, in­stinc­tively se­cre­tive and prefers seclu­sion, more dif­fi­cult to ob­serve. The “cou­ple“in the photo is per­form­ing courter­ship dance, a com­mon be­hav­ior of birds. The courter­ship may lasts as long as one year, and once “mar­ried“, they never sep­a­rate un­less one of them dies.

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