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The Mid-au­tumn Fes­ti­val (中秋节) finds its ori­gins in the myth of Chang'e, a god­dess who lives on the moon with her pet bunny. The cus­tom of pray­ing to the moon for luck and safety on this Day has been handed down since thou­sands of years. Now, most Chi­nese peo­ple still love the beau­ti­ful leg­end of Chang'e, which rep­re­sents an ideal of free­dom in a heaven of peace, far from the tur­moil of the world.

Be­cause of the clar­ity and bright­ness of the Mid-au­tumn Day's moon, the moon's round­ness served as a sym­bol of fam­ily unity and har­mony among the an­cient Chi­nese. For thou­sands of years Chi­nese peo­ple have de­scribed joys and sor­rows, part­ings and re­unions, and vi­cis­si­tudes of life in terms of a full moon or a cres­cent moon, as shown in phrases such as Hua­haoyueyuan (花好月

圆, bloom­ing flow­ers and full moon). In an­cient times, when com­mu­ni­ca­tion was not as easy as it now is, the bright round moon of the MidAu­tumn Fes­ti­val of­ten re­minded trav­el­ers or those re­sid­ing far away from home of their home­towns.

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