The North­ern­most Range of China’s Tiankeng

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This map shows all the tiankeng dis­cov­ered in China un­til now. We can see that the Hanzhong Tiankeng clus­ter is the north­ern­most range of tiankeng in China. Why such a large tiankeng clus­ter ap­peared at this lat­i­tude de­serves more thor­ough re­searches.

Dis­tri­bu­tion of World’s Main Tiankeng Land­scapes

Croa­tia Cr­veno Jezero Tiankeng Mo­dro Jezero Tiankeng A lt a n ti c Oc ea n Malaysia Mulu Tiankeng Clus­ter In­di­anocean Mada­gas­car Mangily Tiankeng Nakanai Tiankeng Clus­ter Yo­goluk Tiankeng Pa­pua New Guinea Brazil Peru­acu North Tiankeng Peru­acu South Tiankeng Lago Azul Tiankeng Mex­ico El Sotano Tiankeng At la nt ci O ec n a Pa­cific Ocean Leg­end Tiankeng Tiankeng Clus­ter Hanzhong Tiankeng Clus­ter Arc­tic­o­cean China

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