For­ma­tion of Two Types of Tiankeng

China Scenic - - Special Report -

Karst sci­en­tists clas­si­fied tiankeng into two types: the col­lapsed tiankeng and the eroded tiankeng. As re­search went deeper, sci­en­tists found that eroded tiankeng were ac­tu­ally also formed by land sur­face col­lapses. The il­lus­tra­tions show how th­ese two types of tiankeng were formed.

Il­lus­tra­tions/ Liu Chuntian Un­der groun d River Grand Cave Ap­pea srs Land Sur­fac e Collpa ses For­ma­tion of Col­lapsed Tiankeng

Do­line trans­forms into a cave

Land sufrace coll­pases and a tiankeng ap­pears

Cave is con­nected with the ground through a shaft

Do­line coll­pases and ex­pands

For­ma­tion of a do­line

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