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It’s weird to see a car­ton filled with coins bear­ing a sign that in­vites you to take some if you need. In nor­mal con­di­tions, no mat­ter how many coins there are, the car­ton would be­come empty sooner or later. How­ever, many peo­ple sus­pect that they are be­ing watched as a re­sult of the large num­ber of such so­cial ex­per­i­ments tak­ing place these days.

This test is mean­ing­less. Not only does it fail to re­flect the pub­lic’s real moral stan­dards, but the com­pany be­hind the test was in it for pub­lic­ity. Af­ter all, it of­fered coins only this one time, not al­ways. If it pro­vided coins in many spots around the city and con­tin­ued to do so ev­ery day, then it might be praised as do­ing a good deed. But ob­vi­ously, the com­pany dare not to do so. It is not do­ing a good deed, but only wants to make it­self known through mar­ket­ing.

The com­pany has pro­vided only a lit­tle money, and has lost noth­ing while si­mul­ta­ne­ously gain­ing a rep­u­ta­tion. By any mea­sure­ment, it has suc­ceeded. Then who has lost out? - Those that have paid at­ten­tion to this com­mer­cial stunt. More im­por­tantly, so­cial moral­ity and cred­i­bil­ity have been mis­un­der­stood. It seems that this test re­veals these cities have a high moral stan­dard, but ac­tu­ally, this is a fic­ti­tious moral stan­dard. It’s not a re­sult the pub­lic should be­lieve.

When there are so many peo­ple around, no one will take the coins un­less they are in ur­gent need. Also, there is a pos­si­bil­ity that the whole car­ton may be taken when beg­gars see it. What do these re­sults prove? Do you re­ally be­lieve that a city has high moral stan­dards just be­cause the coins in­creased in the car­ton? Will you shun a city where the amount of coins de­creased? We all know that this test can prove noth­ing. The de­sign­ers of this test also know this clearly, but they don’t care, as they only want to at­tract more pub­lic­ity.

More wor­ri­some is the fact that a lot of me­dia out­lets, rather than mak­ing in­de­pen­dent and ob­jec­tive judg­ments on the act, are unan­i­mously prais­ing it.

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