Maneuverability prediction for a ship with full-revolving twin propellers

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 张海鹏等 -

To predict the maneuverability of full-revolving propeller ships, this paper analyzes the Abstract: propeller force and establishes MMG equations for controlling motion mathematical models that are suited to the full-revolving propeller model, in accordance with the modeling method of the separating ship motion model and taking into account the special nature of the force and flexibility of a full rotation in the horizontal plane of a full-revolving propeller. Secondly, hydrodynamic force derivatives for the ship model are obtained by simulating the model's PMM movement, and the controlling Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) is solved using the four-stage Rung-Kuta method. Finally, the numerical simulation of a certain ship's rotating motion and its zigzag test in still water is obtained, and the prediction results are compared with that of a self-running model. It is found that the simulation results agree well with the trial results, and the effectiveness of the ship motion model for the full-revolving propeller model is validated. In brief, this paper provides a reliable and effective method of predicting the maneuverability of full-revolving propeller ships. words:full-revolving propeller;MMG mathematical model;hydrodynamic derivatives;numerical Key simulation;maneuverability prediction

WU Xingya,GAO Xiaopeng Department of Naval Architecture Engineering,Naval University of Engineering,Wuhan 430033,China

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