Architecture oriented modeling and simulation method for combat mission profile

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 中国舰船研究 -

CHEN Xia Naval Armament Department of PLAN,Beijing 100841,China

Abstract:In order to effectively analyze the system behavior and system performance of combat mission profile, an architecture-oriented modeling and simulation method is proposed. Starting from the architecture modeling,this paper describes the mission profile based on the definition from National Military Standard of China and the US Department of Defense Architecture Framework(DoDAF)model, and constructs the architecture model of the mission profile. Then the transformation relationship between the architecture model and the agent simulation model is proposed to form the mission profile executable model. At last,taking the air-defense mission profile as an example,the agent simulation model is established based on the architecture model,and the input and output relations of the simulation model are analyzed. It provides method guidance for the combat mission profile design. Key words:System of Systems(SoS);architecture;mission profile;modeling and simulation;agent

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