Corrosion risk assessment and comprehensive evaluation of ship sea water pipe systems

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 中国舰船研究 -

YANG Guangfu1,QIU Dafu1,PAN Jinjie2,TENG Yanna2,YONG Xingyue2

1 Institute of Navy Equipment Technology,Beijing 102442,China 2 College of Chemical Engineering,Beijing University of Chemical Technology,Beijing 100029,China Abstract:In order to propose a comprehensive corrosion risk evaluation model based on an analysis of the corrosion risk of sea water pipe systems of ships in service,the modes of potential corrosion and their causes were first analyzed by identifying the origins of the inner and outer corrosion of the sea water pipe systems. In accordance with the matrixes of corrosion occurrence possibility and corrosion risk consequence,a corrosion risk matrix was established for a sea water pipe system. The method for the quantitative evaluation value of each mode of corrosion possibly occurring in a sea water pipe system was then presented. The comprehensive evaluation model of the corrosion was first built using the Analytical Hierarchy Process(AHP),which can be used for the comprehensive corrosion evaluation. The results show that the comprehensive evaluation value will be expressed as the corrosion risk level and corrosion-induced consequence of the sea water pipe system. This will be very useful for accurately protecting the sea water pipe systems of ships in service from corrosion,thereby attaining the goals of economy,rationality and timeliness. Key words:sea water pipe system;corrosion risk;corrosion consequence;Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP);comprehensive evaluation

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