Fastener design development technology for warship equipment installation based on IDEF0

LU Yongjin China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - 目 次 -

Abstract:[Objectives] In order to improve the efficiency and quality of fastener design during equipment installation,in combination with the construction design of warships,[Methods]the design flow of fasteners for warship equipment installation is described. The design function model of fastener design for warship equipment installation was established using the IDEF0 analysis method,and the information transmission and association relation in the design process were analyzed in such aspects as input,output,control and mechanism,accurately reflecting the fastener design process of data flow, information transmission and correlation. [Results] Finally, based on a design function model acknowledged by both engineers and programmers,a design technology framework was constructed using the VBA language of AutoCAD software.[Conclusions]The results show that the design function model and technology framework can provide solutions and theoretical support for design engineering application and software development. Key words:warship equipment installation;fastener;functional model;design development;IDEF0


在舰船施工设计阶段需要编制数量巨大的设备安装图。设备安装图主要包含设备定位信息和2紧固件设计 个部分的内容,其中紧固件设计又 包括机脚示意图绘制、明细表创建和技术要求生成三大内容。在紧固件设计过程中,需要对与包括设备专业和结构专业有关的基座信息进行多轮协调,同时,设计者还需频繁查询标准规范,进行手工绘图并统计紧固件信息,故整个过程复杂繁

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