Advances in the research of warship structural damage due to inner explosion

LI Decong,DUAN Hong,WU Guomin,ZHOU Xintao,YANG Xionghui China Ship Development and Design Center,Wuhan 430064,China

Chinese Journal of Ship Research - - NEWS -

Abstract:Anti-ship missile is the main threat to warship survivability. Having scientific understanding to the complex damage elements and its damage process when missile explosion occurred inner cabin is the important premise to warship protection structure design. But so far the researches on quantitative description of damage elements including explosion shock wave, fragments and explosive products, and damage mechanism and quantitative characterization of warship hull under those damage loading is far from adequate. On the basis of reviewing the achievements on the field that warship hull subjected to missile warhead inner explosion in recent years, the loading characteristic of damage elements were analyzed, and then specially focused on the main damage processes, research achievements in theory, simulation and experimentation were summarized. Some adequate in basic research was present in the end and some suggestion was put forward, which can provided useful reference to the design and related research on warship protection structures. Key words:inner explosion;warship hull;shock wave;fragments;overview

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