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An oldie but a goodie: Av­o­cado Tree

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We’re not gonna lie, we’ve got a soft spot for good Tex-Mex. Av­o­cado Tree was founded on the idea that healthy food can be sim­ple, hand­crafted, and most im­por­tantly, af­ford­able. In the U.S. you won’t find any (au­then­tic) Tex-Mex joint that costs an arm and a leg. It’s com­fort food; and one of the re­quire­ments for that is af­ford­abil­ity. It’s your drunken munchie food, your hang­over cure, your post work­out snack, and your quick lunch. It needs to be af­ford­able when­ever the mood strikes.

Bei­jing’s orig­i­nal bur­rito counter still of­fers the same clas­sic fla­vors with your choice of protein and what­ever you want to add into your bur­rito. Still mak­ing all their in­gre­di­ents from scratch, Av­o­cado Tree uses zero canned food, which means no undis­closed su­gar or sodium (we’re talk­ing those beans). Choose from chicken (¥28), bar­ba­coa (¥36), car­ni­tas (¥28), and our per­sonal fa­vorite, their vege­tar­ian (¥33) bur­rito that’s burst­ing with av­o­ca­dos and leaves you full and sat­is­fied with­out feel­ing heavy.

It’s not just bur­ri­tos that are avail­able here. You can make your own bur­rito bowl, salad, que­sadilla, and tacos the same way; with fresh in­gre­di­ents in the pro­por­tions you want. Our new fa­vorites are the over-stuffed que­sadil­las they’ve just added to the menu. We’re es­pe­cially fans of their chunky home­made gua­camole (¥15). And when we say chunky, we mean it. There are lit­er­ally big cubes of per­fectly ripe av­o­ca­dos in every bite. While some may like a finer purée, we pre­fer chunks that are more bang for the buck.

Add in a bit of guilty plea­sure to your healthy Tex-Mex and or­der up a frozen mar­garita (¥29). Af­ford­able and de­li­cious is how Av­o­cado Tree’s been do­ing it all these years, and it’s how they’re gonna stay.

New ad­di­tion to the menu:

The Over-stuffed Que­sadilla

Tasty and fill­ing bowls

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