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The im­por­tance of teeth clean­ing

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Dur­ing our chat with IDC Den­tal’s Dr. Sa­far Baisov on why it’s im­por­tant to get your teeth pro­fes­sion­ally cleaned, we took away one very im­por­tant les­son that will save our teeth (and money) in the long run. Pre­vent it be­fore it hap­pens. Over time it’ll cost you less money and pain to ac­tively take care of your oral hy­giene and pre­vent prob­lems from hap­pen­ing than to run to the den­tist for emer­gen­cies when you’re al­ready in pain.

Most peo­ple don’t en­joy go­ing to the den­tist’s of­fice. Even Dr. Sa­far can’t hon­estly ad­mit that it’s fun, but part of be­ing a re­spon­si­ble adult is tak­ing care of your­self and your fam­ily. Even if you'd rather do some­thing else in­stead. There are a few rea­sons why you need to pay a visit to your den­tist every six months for a reg­u­lar clean­ing. Af­ter all, a lot of us don’t re­al­ize that the mouth is the most ac­tive part of the en­tire body.


Just like with any other as­pect of health, early de­tec­tion is key. Be­fore your den­tist be­gins the clean­ing, he or she would need to give you an X-ray and ex­am­ine a few key as­pects: your face, gums, bite, salivia, and jaw move­ment of your lower joints. They’ll check for fill­ings and cav­i­ties that need to be ad­dressed so that you don’t end up with more se­ri­ous prob­lems in the fu­ture.


Plaque, that colour­less, sticky, bac­te­ria-filled film that sticks to the sur­face of your teeth, needs to be cleaned on a daily ba­sis. We’ve known this since child­hood. But, no mat­ter how thor­oughly you clean your teeth, plaque will still ac­cu­mu­late. If plaque is left on the sur­face for too long it hard­ens into tar­tar. Reg­u­lar teeth clean­ing will pre­vent the buildup of tar­tar as well as in­flam­ma­tion of the gums which can lead to gum dis­ease. If left un­treated, ne­glect­ing oral hy­giene can lead to se­vere prob­lems in­clud­ing gum surgery, teeth re­moval, root canals, and in some cases heart at­tacks and strokes.


Who doesn’t want a healthy, clean, beau­ti­ful smile? For adults, gum dis­ease is the lead­ing cause of tooth loss. Reg­u­lar check ups will help pre­vent this from hap­pen­ing and from you hav­ing to get fake teeth, crowns, and ve­neers, which are ex­pen­sive as well as in­con­ve­nient al­ter­na­tives. In ad­di­tion to health ben­e­fits, a pro­fes­sional clean­ing from your den­tist can help you re­move to­bacco, tea, cof­fee, and other food stains to help give you the best smile pos­si­ble.


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We in­ter­viewed Dr. Sa­far Baisov, den­tist at IDC Den­tal

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