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Clinical Research Guidelines for Treatment of Acne Vulgaris with New Uyghur Medicine (Draft) ··········································································· ················ Abuduwaili Abudukelimu, Silafu Aibai, WANG Ping-shan, et al (1) Current Situation and Thinking of Statistical Management of TCM ·················

·································· XIAO Yong, SHEN Shao-wu, FU Wen-jiao, et al (5) Research on Policy Factors Affecting Private TCM Institutions Organized by Social Capital ··············································································· ······················ CHEN Zhi-ming, ZHANG Yuan-chao, YE Cheng-bin, et al (9) Discussion on TCM Theoretical Structure Model for Patient Reported Outcome Scale of Recurrent Oral Ulcer ··························································· ···························· YANG Zhao-shuo, JI Wei-ping, CHEN Pei-pei, et al (12) Study on Causes and Countermeasures of Insoluble Substance in Trace Metal Powder in TCM Granules ································································ ······································· FAN Gao-fu, LIU Xiu-shu, LIANG Yan-bo (15) Clinical Observation for Treatment of Perimenopause Hypertension by Qianyang

Mixture ···························· Zulhumar Yvsup, MA Li-ya, GUO Wei, et al (17) Effects of Huangkui Capsules on Oxidative Stress and Micro-inflammation State in Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Maintenance Hemodialysis ··········································· ZHAO Jin-xiang, LI Yao-hua, XIE Ping (21) Clinical Study on Treatment of Diabetic Gastroparesis on Self-designed Xiaopi

Formula ························· ZHANG Yue, DONG Yan, WANG Qian, et al (25) Clinical Observation of Treating Functional Constipation with Spleen-kidney Yang Deficiency Syndrome by TCM Hot Patching Guanyuan ··················· ······················································· ZHANG Jing, AN Yong-kang (29) Effects of Modified Sanxiang Decoction on Gastrointestinal Transmission Function

of Patients with Functional Bloating ········· LI Ni-jiao, FU Si, WANG Wei (33) Effect of Shenkangling on Inflammatory State and Residual Renal Function in Patients with Maintenance Hemodialysis ············································· ······························ ZHANG Zhi, LIANG Hong-juan, WANG Ji-sheng (36) Cost Effectiveness Analysis on Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Treatment of Leukemia ··················································· ······························ JI Cong-hua, HONG Xue-wen, SHAO Qiong, et al (40) Effects of Icariin on Migration of Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Rat Bone Marrow

······················· ZHANG Li-sheng, HAN Xiao-jing, LUO Zhi-rong, et al (44) Study on in Vitro Screening and in Vivo Validation of Optimized Buyang Huanwu

Decoction ····················· ZHANG Xiu-li, MENG Pan, XIANG Yun, et al (49)

Effects of Heat-reinforcing Needling on Synovial Tissues of Rheumatoid Arthritis Rabbits with Cold Syndrome ··············

····················································································· DU Xiao-zheng, YUAN Bo, WANG Jin-hai, et al (55) Effects of Betulinic Acid on Proliferation of Human Liver Cancer HepG2 Cells ·······················································

··························································································· CHEN Fei-yu, LI Peng, GAN Jia-kuan, et al (60) Effects of Quercetin on Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cell Undergoing Endothelial-to-mesenchymal Transition

Induced by TGF-β1 ···················································································· WU Wei, YANG Liu, XU Yi (65) Evaluation on Transdermal Absorption Properties and Efficacy of Huoxue Zhitong Cataplasm ···································

························································································· YAO Yao, FENG Wei-hong, WANG Lan, et al (70) Application of ITS2 Barcoding in Identification of Oxytropis Falcate Bunge ····························································

················································································· HUANG Cong-lin, GUO Min, WANG Xiao-lin, et al (76) Percutaneous Absorption in Vitro of Jiegugao Blended and Pasted by Commonly Used Ointment Matrices in Tujia Minority

······························································································ WEN De-jian, TU Xing, HU Ze-hua, et al (79) Research on Quality of Angelicae Sinensis Radix Based on AHP Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Model ······················

································································································· LI Xiao-ge, YANG Bei-bei, HE Jia-yan (84) Research on Characteristics of Eucommia ulmoides Leaf from Different Producing Areas by IR and TLC ·····················

······························································································· XING Ya-nan, Alai Saikan, TIAN Shu-ge (88) Determination of Encapsulation Efficiency and Medicine Loading and Release of β-elemene in β-elemene-loaded Nano

Polymeric Micelles ········································································ WANG Jing, LI Xue-tao, YUAN Zi-min (91) Study on Medication Rules of Professor ZENG Bin-fang’s Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis B Based on Complex Network

Analysis Method ·································································· GUO Feng, WANG Xiao-zhong, MA Yan, et al (94) Analytic Report of Treatment Experience of GU Wei-chao in Theory of Sinking Qi for Cases of Chronic Diseases

················································································· TAO Fang-ze, ZHOU Xiao-min, GU Run-huan, et al (98) Conclusion of GAO Yu-chun's Experience in Acupuncture and Moxibustion in the Treatment of Hypertension

······················································································ WANG Ye-bo, HAN Yi-xu, LI Peng-peng, et al (101) Experience in Treating Intractable Rheumatism by Yang-palm Therapy ································································

······················································································· WANG Jin-zhong, LV Ran, WU Da-rong, et al (104) Discussion on “Pushing Meridians to Treat Viscera Diseases” by Xiangxi Liu’s Tuina for Treatment of Infantile Enuresis

················································································································· LI Cui-ying, LI Jin-xiang (106) Discussion on Experience of ZHANG Liang-ying in Treating Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Combined with Dysfunctional

Uterine Bleeding ····················································· HUANG Jin-yan, CHEN Lin-xing, JIANG Li-juan, et al (109) Discussion on Pathological Changes of Liver and Lung from “Wood Becomes Prosperous and Restricts Metal” and

Intestinal Endotoxemia ················································ MAO Ya-nan, ZHAO Guo-rong, YUAN Zhen-yi, et al (112) Acupuncture Treatment Ideas of Allergic Rhinitis from the Perspective of “Fluid Retention Disease” in TCM ·················

·················································································································· LU Rong, SUN Yi-nong (114) Comparison and Analysis of Rational Use of Antineoplastic Chinese Patent Medicine before and after Intervention in the

Tumor Ward of Nantong First People’s Hospital ····················································· GU Fang, CHEN Yong (117) Research Progress in TCM Intervention in Duel Pathways of Breast Cancer Angiogenesis ··········································

············································································································· LIU Qiu-yu, LIAN Zeng-lin (120) Review of Study on TCM Intervention in Different Signal Transduction Pathways in Pulmonary Fibrosis in China

··········································································································· CAO Xian-jiao, ZHANG Wei (127) Research Progress in TCM Against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Biofilms ··········································

··························································································· CUI Xin-jie, XIA Jin, SHAO Tie-juan, et al (132)

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