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Clinical Research Guidelines for Treatment of Hyperlipidemia with New Uyghur Medicine (Draft) ··········································································· ················ Abuduwaili Abudukelimu, Silafu Aibai, WANG Ping-shan, et al (1) Key Questions and Thoughts of Scale Development of TCM Syndrome ·············

·············································· ZHAO Hui, WANG Jun, LI Chun, et al (6) Application Thoughts of Shuyu Pill in Treatment of Diabetes ··························

········································ SU Li-qing, YU Rong, WU Yong-jun, et al (10) Study on TCM Pathogenesis of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Based on Multivariate Statistical Analysis ························································ ······························· LIU Hong, WANG Jing-quan, MA Jing-man, et al (13) Clinical Study on Changqin No. 1 Combined with Western Therapy in Treating Severe Traumatic Brain Injury ························································· ························ CHEN Yan-yi, WANG Dong-sheng, ZHU Hui-bin, et al (17) Clinical Study on Yiqi Gubiao Pill Combined with Pingchuan External Application Ointment for Treatment of Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease at Stable Stage ····················································· ············································ LI Feng-sen, XU Dan, GAO Zhen, et al (22) Metabolomic Study on Serum of Liver-Kidney Deficiency Syndrome of KneeJoint Osteoarthritis Based on 1H-NMR ··············································· ·································· SHAO Qin, ZHOU Xiao-li, ZHANG Ying, et al (27) Clinical Observation on Modified Sanzi Yangqin Decoction in Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome ····································· ············································ LAI Yu, SUN Kan, MA Xiao-jing, et al (32) Study on Mechanism of Protective Effects of Baicalin on Male Rats with Ischemic

Brain Injury ··············· LI Hai-yan, PAN Yan-shu, CHENG Xiao-na, et al (35) Effects of Gualou Guizhi Granules on Excitatory Toxic Damage of PC12 Induced

by Glutamate ·············· ZHANG Yu-qin, SUN Cheng-tao, LI Huang, et al (39) Effects of Tetra-arsenic Oxide on Proliferation, Migration and Invasion of Human Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells ··················································· ···································· LIU Qiu-yu, PEI Ri-zhou, QIAN Lin-lin, et al (44) Effects of ETS on Apoptosis of Human Colorectal Cancer HT-29 Cells

···································· YIN Li-ying, LI Feng-jin, ZHONG Li-li, et al (49) Effects of Acupuncture on Oxidative Stress and Neuronal Damage in Prefrontal Cortex of Vascular Dementia Rats ····················································· ······································· DU Si-qi, WANG Xue-rui, ZHU Wen, et al (53) Effects of Different Compatibility Ratios of Astragali Radix and Angelicae Sinensis Radix on Vascular Intimal Hyperplasia in Rats ·························· ······························ PENG Xi-wei, YAN Hui-fang, HUANG Juan, et al (56) Effects of Electroacupuncture on Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor of Rats with Sciatic Nerve Injury ································································· ··························· YE Xiao-chun, SHAO Shui-jin, GUO Hai-dong, et al (60)

Effects of Salidroside on Proliferation and Invasive Ability of Glioma U87-MG Cells ·················································

······················································································· HUANG Ping, JIANG Jin-xing, XU Xuan, et al (64) Content Determination of Dauricine in Menispermi Rhizoma from Different Producing Areas by HPLC ·······················

·················································································· DU Jing-sheng, DU Chu-ling, SHAO Chang-li, et al (68) Study on Purification of Liquiritin by Using Ammonia Extraction and Ceramic Membrane Ultrafiltration Technology

·················································································· ZHU Ying-huai, LIU Xiao-xia, WANG Ji-long, et al (71) Study on HPLC Fingerprints of Tangbikang Granules ······················· WANG Dong-chao, WEI Ying, GAO Jia-qi, et al (75) Preliminary Study on Moisture Absorption and Related Components of Aqueous Extract of Salviae Miltiorrhizae Radix et

Rhizoma ··········································································· ZHOU Wei, HUANG Ma-sha, LEI Chang, et al (79) Study on Purification and Anti-inflammatory Effects of Total Lignans in Myristicae Semen ········································

······················································································· ZHANG Hui, WANG Jing, YUAN Zi-min, et al (83) Correlation of HPLC Fingerprint Chromatograms of Cinnamomi Ramulus Formula Granules, Decoction Pieces and Water

Decoction ·································································· WANG Xiao-ya, ZHEN Ya-qin, WANG Xin-guo, et al (87) Correlation Study on “Cold or Heat Property-Efficacy-Target” of Herbal Chinese Materia Medica Based on Data Mining

············································································· XIAO Yu-han, WANG Nai-zhi, ZHANG Jing-wen, et al (91) Analysis on Patent Application of TCM Technique in Guangdong Province from 2006 to 2015 ·····································

···················································································· LIN Zhong-yu, PAN Hua-feng, LAI Qiu-hua, et al (97) Two Medical Cases of SHI Da-zhuo Using Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine for Left Ventricular

Remodeling and Left Atrial Expansion after Acute Myocardial Infarction ········· KOU Na, XUE Mei, QU Hua, et al (100) Experience in Treating Acute Coronary Syndrome from the Viewpoint of “Heat and Blood Stasis and Poison Damage Heart

Nutrient” ··············································································· LI Xin-hui, LI Ya-jing, DU Jian-fang, et al (103) LV Hai-jiang’s Clinical Experience in Ophthalmopathy from Heart ······································································

················································································· FENG Lei, CAI Chao-chan, SHEN Rui-xiang, et al (106) Introduction of Experience of Professor ZHANG Liang-ying’s TCM Adjunctive Therapy for IVF-ET ···························

··········································································· HUANG Jin-yan, JIANG Li-juan, CHEN Lin-xing, et al (109) Preliminary Study on Experience of Professor WANG Yan-gang in Treatment of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis with Tongue

Abnormalities ······································································ TIAN Xue-jiao, Instructor: WANG Yan-gang (111) Treatment of Syndrome Differentiation for Consumptive Diseases Based on the Theory of “Rise and Fall of Middle Qi” by

HUANG Yuan-yu ············································································· YU Yue, Instructor: RUAN Shi-wei (114) Preliminary Analysis on Pharmaceutical Care Thinking in Shang Han Lun ····························································

··························································································· JIANG Han-qin, ZHU Guo-fu, GUAN Xin (116) Discussion on Shengyang Sanhuo Decoction with Plum-blossom Needle Therapy for Hemodialysis Patients with Restless

Legs Syndrome from “Yin Fire” Theory ······························································ LIU Lai-lai, DUAN Juan (119) Experience in Treating Elderly Patients with Drug-resistant Bacteria Pulmonary Infection with Fuzheng Qinghua Therapy

················································································································ DING Min, LI Yong-ping (121) Analysis on Sample Inspection of TCM Decoction Pieces During 2014-2015 in Huguosi TCM Hospital Affiliated to Beijing

University of Chinese Medicine ········································································ LV Wei, ZHAO Jing-chun (123) Review on Common Methods and Technologies of Quantitative Composition-activity Relationship Research of TCM

······························································································· BAI Dong, WANG Rui-hai, LIU Li-mei (126) Research Progress in Mechanism of Moxibustion in Regulation of Immune Function in Rheumatoid Arthritis ················

············································································ ZHAO Yi-kun, ZHU Tian-tian, ZHAO Zhong-ting, et al (131) Research Progress in Animal Models of IBS-D Disease Combined with Liver Stagnation and Spleen Deficiency ···············

············································································ SHU Yuan-yue, XIAO Xiao-qin, DENG Gui-ming, et al (134)

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