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Investigation and Analysis on Key TCM Resources in Qijiang District of Chongqing and Suggestions for Sustainable Utilization ··························· ·································· CHEN Yu-han, MU Ze-jing, LIU Zheng-yu, et al (1) Analysis on Policies of Quality Safety Control of Chinese Materia Medica in

Circulation ········································ YANG Hao-xiong, KONG Dan (7)

Analysis on Research Status of Standardization of TCM Formula Granules ······························ LI Han-cheng, DENG Xian-mei, PENG Xiao-peng (11)

Mucosal Immunity of IgA Nephropathy and Treatment from Pharynx ·············· ····························· ZHAO Ming-ming, ZHANG Yu, LI Liu-sheng, et al (15) Study on TCM Syndrome Distribution and Blood Pressure Variability in 443 Patients with Primary Hypertension ··················································· ············································ LU Cheng, SONG Lei, LIU Yong-ming (19) Clinical Study on Tiaogan Lipi Huaji Prescription Combined with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Treatment of Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer ············································ LI Na, ZHANG Qing, LIU Sheng, et al (23) Clinical Study on Bone-Setting Manipulation Combined with TCM Internal and External Treatment for Lumbar Disc Herniation ··································· ··············································· WANG Tao-ping, CHENG Zhan-dao (28) Effects of Acupuncture Therapy on Resting State Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Ischemic Stroke ············································ ································· DING Cai-xia, HU Dan, ZHANG Lan-kun, et al (32) Clinical Observation of Tiaozhong Yifei Prescription Combined with Western Therapy for Treatment of Cough Variant Asthma Remission ···················· ·········································· LU Shi-xiu, YIN Li-hu, LI Bu-man, et al (36) Effects of Herb-partition Moxibustion at Navel on Protein and mRNA Expressions of Bcl-2 and Bax in Rats Model with Premature Ovarian Failure ··············· ········································ LU Yan, TIAN Meng, SHEN Qing-si, et al (40) Study on Protective Effects of Guiqi Yiyuan Ointment on Rats Damaged Caused by Heavy Ion Radiation Induced Bystander Effects ································ ······························ ZHANG Chao-ning, LI Jin-tian, LIU Yong-qi, et al (45) Effects of Yinao Jieyu Prescription on the Behaviors and Damages of Pathology in Hippocampal CA1 Area of Rats with Post-stroke Depression ················· ································ TIAN Hui-ling, LI Xiao-li, TANG Qi-sheng, et al (49) Effects of Shenshuai Ⅱ Prescription on Renal Morphology and Expression of TNF-α in Rats with 5/6 Kidney Ablation/Infarction ································ ·································· ZHU Ting-ting, WANG Chen, YANG Jing, et al (54) Applicability of Zebra Fish Thrombosis Model in Antithrombotic Activity Screening of Chinese Materia Medica ················································· ··························· FAN Jiao-jiao, QIAO Yi-han, ZHAO Chong-jun, et al (58)

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