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Market Research and Comparative Study on Genuine and Conventionally Used Ligustici Rhizoma et Radix ······························································ ·························· HUANG De-dong, MA Xiao-hui, YANG Yan-mei, et al (1) Discussion on “Yishen Juanbi Method for Treating Rheumatism” from Academic Inheritance of Zhang Zhu School ······················································ ································· GU Dong-mei, JIANG Tian, ZHAO Jian-ye, et al (5) Correlation Discussion on TCM Theory of “Static and Dynamic Combination” and Mechanism of Osteoblast Proliferation and Differentiation by Stress Stimulation ········ ZHAO Wen-tao, ZHANG Xiao-gang, ZHAO Xi-yun, et al (8) Clinical Research on Bushen Huoxue Prescription in Treating Kidney Deficiency and Blood Stasis Type Primary Osteoporosis ········································ ································ TIAN Lin, KANG Hao-chen, WANG Shu-li, et al (11) Analysis on Heart Rate Variability and Its Influencing Factors of Hypertensive Patients from Different TCM Syndrome ·············································· ··············································· LIU Zhi-jun, JIN Hua, SU Li-li, et al (15) Effects of Different Acupuncture Therapies on Clinical Efficacy of Acute Cold

Type Facial Paralysis ···················· WANG Hai-long, SONG Yong-hong (21) Clinical Study on Treatment of Non-motor Symptoms of Parkinson Disease by Zishen Pingchan Granules ······························································· ······························· YUAN Xiao-lei, YE Qing, YUAN Can-xing, et al (25) Clinical Observation of Tongmai Acupoint Plaster Combined with Alprostadil Injection for Treatment of Lower Extremity Arteriosclerosis Obliterans ······································ WU Jian-hua, JU Zhen-guo, WANG Yi, et al (30) Effects of One Finger Massage on Nerve Morphology and Function of Sciatic

Nerve Injury Rats ············· LU Xin-gang, YU Li-wei, GOU Hai-xin, et al (35) Effects of Dredging Collaterals and Activating Blood Worm Chinese Materia Medica on Angiogenesis Related Factors of Lung Cancer in Hypoxic Environment ············ LI Dao-rui, WANG Miao-miao, YU Ming-wei, et al (39) Effects of Zuogui Jiangtang Jieyu Prescription on Neurotrophic Effects of Astrocytes in Diabetes Mellitus Rats with Depression ····························· ····································· YANG Hui, WANG Yu-hong, DU Qing, et al (43) Effects of Kidney Reinforcing Medicine on Growth and Development and Brain Choline Acetyl Transferas Content of Rats with Kidney-deficiency Constitution ·································· SUN Yu-ru, SUN Li-jun, SUN Yao-guang, et al (48) Effects of Jiuxieling Granules on Expressions of MyD88 and IRAK1 in Ulcerative Colitis Rats with Spleen-Kidney Yang Deficiency ··································· ································· LIU Xiang-yu, LIU Yong-hua, LI Hai-long, et al (51) Effects of Qinma Formula on Inflammatory Cell Related Factors in Rats with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ············································· ··································· DING Ya-jie, CHEN Xiao, YU Zhong-yi, et al (55)

Effects of Different Honey Sunburn Methods on Calycosin and Formononetin in Hedysari Radix ································

······························································································· NIU Jiang-tao, CAO Rui, SI Xin-lei, et al (59) Research on Separation and Purification of Extract from Hyssopus cuspidatus Boriss. with Polyamide Resins ·················

························································································· MAO Yan, HE Jin-hua, WANG Xin-tang, et al (63) Study on Improving Moisture Resistance of Yixinshu Capsule ······················ LI Zhen-zhen, WANG Jie, YI Hong, et al (68) Content Determination of Phellodendrine in Leshu Lotion by SPE-HPLC ······························································

···················································································· YANG Ni, MAO Gui-fu, WANG Hong-hong, et al (73) Content Determination of Gallic Acid, Corilagin and Ellagic Acid in Aqueous Extract from Sanguo Decoction by HPLC

················································································································· LI Bin, LI Xin, FAN Yuan (76) Study on Quality Standards and Vitro Dissolution of Gualou Guizhi Dropping Pills ··················································

······················································································· LI Huang, MA Huang-huang, QIAO Li-fei, et al (80) Content Determination of Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Acteoside in Plantago Herba from Different Producing Areas

····················································································· YI Man, FENG Chuan-hua, TANG Xiao-lin, et al (84) Study on Medication Laws of TCM Master LI Ji-ren in Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis ·············································

······································································································· GU Shao-fei, CHEN Miao, LI Yan (87) Relationship Between Syndromes and Prescriptions of Damp Disease: a Neural Network-based Study on Cases from Lin

Zheng Zhi Nan Yi An Shi ··············································································· LI Jia-min, CHEN Hong-yu (91) Discussion on Treatment for Stroke from ZHANG Zhong-jing’s Theory of “Exogenous Wind” and YE Tian-shi’s Theory of

“Yang Transforms to the Interior Wind” ····························· LI Xin-hui, SIMA Dan-dan, HUANG Miao-xin, et al (96) Treating ISR after PCI by LIU Zhong-yong from Turbidity Syndrome ·················· DENG Peng, HU Dan, LI Lin, et al (99) Academic Thoughts and Clinical Experience of WU Yao-nan in Treating Stomach Diseases ········································

······························································································· WANG Yun-su, Instructor: WU Yao-nan (103) Discussion on “Tong Yang Bu Zai Wen Er Zai Li Xiao Bian” Combined with Shang Han Lun ·····································

···································································································· LIU Tao, ZHANG Yi, LI Juan, et al (106) Professor LIU Yi-min’s Treatment for Infantile Anorexia and Commonly Used TCM Pairs ·········································

························································································· XU Jian-ping, YANG Ruo-jun, XU Jun, et al (108) Three-step Method of Treatment Based on Syndrome Differentiation for Primary Bile Reflux Gastritis ·························

··························································································· FENG Xue-wu, SONG Rui-ping, ZHU Bao (111) Clinical Exemplication of Qinxing Shigan Decoction Combined with Lianqin Zhidanshao Decoction in Treating Cough

··························································································································· ZHANG Li-shan (114) Discussion on Tongxie Yaofang for Treatment of Constipation ··············································································

········································································ ZHANG Xiao-bo, ZHUO Yong-xue, YAN Shu-guang, et al (116) Primary Study on Pathogeny and Pathogenesis Caused by Tobacco ············· ZHOU Yu-ping, Instructor: LU Zhi-zheng (118) Discussion on Basic Principles of Compilation of TCM English Textbooks Based on ESP Theory - Take English for TCM as

an Example ································································································ REN Rong-zheng, SHI Yu (120) Research Progress in Pharmacological Effects and Clinical Application of Pine Pollen ···············································

························································································· HOU Chen-chen, SHEN Rong, LIU Di, et al (124) Research Progress in Pharmacological Effects and Mechanism of Chaihu Shugan Powder ··········································

··············································································· ZHANG Zhe, ZHAO Jing-jie, WANG Yong-zhi, et al (128) Research Progress in Ischemic Stroke Treated by TCM Based on Therapeutic Angiogenesis Intervention ·······················

······································································································ MENG Sheng-xi, HUO Qing-ping (132)

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