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Analysis on TCM Processing Discipline Funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China from 2002 to 2016 ··············································· ····························· YANG Bing, YANG Hai-jun, TONG Huang-jin, et al (1) Discussion on Regulating Effects of Ghrelin-Obestatin System in COPD with Malnutrition Based on “Reforcing Earth to Generate Metal” Theory ················································ SANG Kai, SUN Jie, MA Quan, et al (6) Discussion on Standardization and Objectivity of TCM Syndrome Research Thinking Based on Grounded Theory and Content Analysis ····················· ··································· XUE Fei-fei, ZHAO Hui, WANG Li-min, et al (10) Clinical Study on Maxing Shigan Decoction Combined with Zang-fu Organs with Acupoints to Treat Acute Exacerbation Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Osteoporosis ·········· SHEN Ming-xia, LI Hong, XIE Hai-bin (13) Clinical Study on Treatment of Depression in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Yiqi Yangxin Anshen Decoction ···························· ···················· LIU Xiao-chen, LIU Cheng-zhou, WANG Shan-quan, et al (19) Clinical Study on Compound Longxing Tablets in Treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease with Syndrome of Phlegm-heat Obstructing Lung ··························· XU Gui-hua, SHI Miao-yan, ZHANG Wei, et al (23) Clinical Study of Yimu Zhuyu Decoction Combined with Western Medicine in Treating Moderate or Severe Intrauterine Adhesion After Transcervical Resection of Adhesion ······································· LI Li-li, ZHOU Yan (27) Clinical Study on Qiangjin Zhuanggu Pills Combined with PKP Therapy for Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Compression Fractures ···················· ······································ YUE Jin, YIN Pei-yu, HAN Ting-liang, et al (32) Effects of Different Electroacupuncture Intensity on Gastrointestinal Motility and Ghrelin of Diabetic Gastroparesis Rats ·········································· ······································ WU Xue-fen, LIU Li, ZHENG Xue-na, et al (36) Preparation and Identification of Rhein Rabbit Polyclonal Antiserum ··············

·························· WANG Yong-zhi, QU Hui-hua, XING Hong-xia, et al (41) Effects of Yiqi Jiedu Prescription on Expressions of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Cell Markers Tiam1 and Rac1 ······················· CHEN Yan, YANG Ting (46) Effects of Xiangsha Liujunzi Decoction on Activated Levels of NF-κB p65 and Inflammatory Cascade Reaction Mediated by NF-κB p65 of Gastric Mucosa in Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Rats ····················································· ·················· CHENG Ying-xia, ZHOU Yu-ping, DUAN Yong-qiang, et al (50) Effects of Electroacupuncture Therapy on Expression of Spinal Lipoxygenase in Rats of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy ·············································· ······························· WANG Zhi-fu, YANG Yi-zhou, LIU Jian-bo, et al (56)

Effects of Acupuncture Needle Retaining or Not on Cognitive Function and Cortical Neurons in Rats with Vascular

Dementia ·············································································· LI Tian-ran, YE Yang, YANG Jing-wen, et al (61) Study on Metabolism and Transformation of Timosaponin BⅡ in Vitro Based on Metabolism of Intestinal Flora ············

························································································· LIU Yan-ping, YU Zi-cheng, CHEN Hong-jun (66) Comparative Study on Chemical Constituents in Three Official Materials of Polygonati Rhizoma by Using Multivariate

Statistical Analysis ···························································· YANG Xing-xin, DONG Jin-cai, HU Hai-bo, et al (71) Study on Quality Evaluation of Angelicae Sinensis Radix and Its Different Medicinal Parts Based on Gray Relational

Analysis ············································································· WU Guo-xia, YANG Xiu-juan, DENG Yi, et al (77) Contents Determination of P-coumaric Acid and Gallic Acid in Lilii Bulbus by HPLC ···············································

····················································································· YUAN Zhi-ying, LIU Xiang-dan, PEI Gang, et al (82) Rapid Determination of Geniposide and Crocin-1 in Gardeniae Fructus Based on Core Shell Chromatographic Column

···················································································· ZHOU Xiao-qin, LU Rui-xin, SITU Shao-jin, et al (86) Study on Correlation of Contents of 7 Kinds of Inorganic Elements in 20 Kinds of Wind-expelling Medicine ···················

····························································································· SA Ri-na, WANG Li-xia, CHEN Wen, et al (90) Research on TCM Data Management Strategy Based on Hadoop ·········································································

······················································································· LIANG Yang, DING Chang-song, YU Jun-yang (96) Literature Research in Contamination Index Method to Evaluate Heavy Metal Contamination in Eight Kinds of Chinese

Materia Medica ································································· ZHONG Yuan, ZHAO Rong, LI Qian-hui, et al (101) Cases of Experience of HUANG Hai-bo in Treating Dysmenorrhea ·······································································

····································································· ZHANG Long-mei, HUANG Zhen-zhou, DU Xiao-ping, et al (105) Discussion of Zhizichi Decociton ·························································· ZHAI Jin-hai, HUA Hai-bing, CHEN Lan (107) Treatment of Psycho-physiologic Insomnia from the Theory of Liver ·····································································

···································································································· LIN Bing-qi, LI Feng, MA Jie, et al (109) Application of Wumei Pills in Guillain-Barre Syndrome with Feeling Symptom as Main ············· TU Huai, PI Li-hong (112) Application Experience of Ephedrae Herba in Allergic Rhinitis and Laryngeal Cough ···············································

······················································································ YU Hong-yue, YAN Dao-nan, CHEN Guo-feng (115) CAI Bing-qin’s Experience in Treatment of Hoarseness After Thyroid Surgery ························································

················································································ LIN Hong-guo, HUANG Xue-yang, LIU Ming, et al (117) Reflection on Needling Depth ························································································ WANG Dong-ping (119) Clinical Experience in Treating Lower Limb Edema with Yanghe Decoction and Wupi Decoction ·································

··········································································································· FAN Hai-ping, MA Shao-yun (121) Comparison of Effects of Intelligent Deployment System and Traditional Deployment Pattern in Outpatient Service of

Kunshan TCM Hospital ························································· ZHANG Lei, WANG Fang, YUAN Juan-juan (124) Research Progress in Origin Processing of Codonopsis Radix ························ DAI Hai-rong, LI Yun, ZHANG Li-jun (127) Commentary on Standardization of TCM Records ·············· GAO Dian-pu, WANG Ying-hui, ZHANG Run-shun, et al (131) Research Progress in Separation and Purification of Plant Polysaccharides ····························································

··························································································· XIAO Rui-xi, CHEN Hua-guo, ZHOU Xin (136)

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