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Bimonthly Established in 1960 Volume 41 Number 3 June 15 2017

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New Thinking of the Library Service Transformation under the Context of Supply-side Reform ······················

····················································································································MA Li-ping (1) Discussion on the Think Tank System of Medical Libraries Oriented Knowledge Service ······························

···················································································································· ZUO Hong (4) Discussion on Construction Mode of Embedded Think Tank in Libraries of Universities and Colleges under Big

Data Environment ······················································································ ZHAO Zhen-ying (8) Research on Knowledge Exchange Mode of Digital Libraries in E-science Environment ·······························

··············································································································· XIE Wen-juan (12) Bibliometrics Analysis on Research on Makerspaces in Libraries ···························································

················································································································ ZHU Jian-hui (16) Study on the Development Status Quo and Countermeasures of the WeChat Public Platform in Libraries of

Colleges and Universities ································································ GUO Zong-min, AI Li-min (20) Research on Promotion of Library Information Services Based on Readers’ Needs — Investigation on the Readers

of the First People’s Hospital of Nanning ···························································· LIANG Jie-min (24) Exploration of Service Innovation in Libraries of Colleges and Universities under the Background of MOOC ······

································································· SHI Lei, PEI Li, LIU Yang, LI Qiu-hong, CAO Si-si (30) Analysis on the Integration and Storage of Digital Resources in Library Collection in the Era of Big Data ·········

··························································································· WANG Zhen-yu, WANG Ning (35) Preliminary Study on Digitization Construction of Ancient Medical Literature of Ethnic Minorities in Southwest

China ················································· LI Xiao-ping, SHEN Yang, ZHANG Chuan-qin, CAI Ji-mei (39) Study on Micro-innovation Services in Hospital Libraries ····································································

················································································································· ZHU Xiao-li (43) Research on Ancient Medical Books in Dayun Collection House ········································· CHEN Yu (46) Study on Relevance of Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Typhoid Theory ········································

······························································································ TIAN Hong-bing, LI Ya-jun (52)

Discussion on the Methods of Cultivating and Stimulating Learning Motivation of Students in Formulaology Teaching ··························································································································· ···························································· LI Jun-ling, WANG Lei, XU Da-peng, QI Fang, Li Ming (56) Discussion on Characteristics of Xue Ji’s Academic Ideas in Moxibustion Therapy in the Sores Ulceration ·········

··············································································································· WEI Xiao-hui (59) Research Progress in Bee Acupuncture Therapy for the Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis ·························

····················· HAN Shi-jun, LI Suo-mi, ZHU Jia-yan, ZHENG Cheng, SHEN Yue-zhong, HU Xue-qin (62)

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