Though he’s lived in Bangkok for years and has vis­ited pretty much ev­ery other ma­jor city in South­east Asia, Lawrence Os­borne says Jakarta was never on the agenda—un­til now. “In­done­sia’s cap­i­tal is con­sid­er­ably less vis­ited than places like Bangkok, mak­ing it some­thing of a mys­tery to me. But that’s a good part of its al­lure. Sprawl­ing and con­fus­ing? Yes. But if noth­ing else, I had a lot of fun there.” Page 82. She may be from Mel­bourne, but Natasha Dragun is con­vinced that her new home city of Syd­ney is steal­ing the din­ing spot­light from its south­ern sis­ter. “It’s not easy pleas­ing Syd­ney din­ers— crowds can be fickle, and style is of­ten given prece­dence over sub­stance,” she says. “Thank­fully, a raft of new restaurants is turn­ing the food scene on its head, pro­vid­ing an­other tasty rea­son to linger in the Har­bour City.” Page 110. “I've al­ways loved wide open spa­ces, but south­ern Chile is tak­ing that to an ex­treme,” says San Diego–based writer Joe Yogerst. “The larg­erthan-life land­scapes, the lack of al­most any­thing man-made, the gale-force winds, the strange wildlife . . . makes it seem like you've landed on some far off planet rather than an iso­lated cor­ner of our own earth.” Page 92.

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