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For­mer Des­ti­nAsian edi­tor Gabrielle Lip­ton was ad­mit­tedly sur­prised at just how di­verse the Mal­dives proved to be when she flew in from Jakarta to check out a quar­tet of new resorts. “Each is­land is like its own lit­tle world, with a very dis­tinct en­ergy and per­son­al­ity about it—the sounds, the smells, the general de­meanor of peo­ple stay­ing there. I found it fas­ci­nat­ing to talk to the dif­fer­ent man­agers and get into how the DNA of each place was cre­ated.” Gen­er­ally prone to cov­er­ing more un­sung ad­ven­tures and sto­ries dur­ing her three years work­ing as a jour­nal­ist in South­east Asia, she was fur­ther charmed by the amount of un­ex­pected ac­tiv­i­ties found on the is­lands, from kick­box­ing in palm groves to catch­ing sharks with noth­ing more than a spool of fish­ing line. She just might have to re­vise her pre­con­ceived once-in-a-life­time no­tion about the Mal­dives and re­turn one day.

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