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Get­ting There From South­east Asia, the best route to Mada­gas­car is via Jo­han­nes­burg, from where South African

Air­link ( fly­air­ op­er­ates daily flights to An­tana­narivo. Moron­dava, the west coast’s gate­way town, is a 10-hour drive from the cap­i­tal for those who wish to rent a pri­vate car and driver; other­wise, it’s a one-hour flight on Air Mada­gas­car ( air­mada­gas­ Where to Stay Lokanga Bou­tique Ho­tel An­tana­narivo; 261-34/ 145-5502; lokan­ga­ho­; dou­bles from US$140. Palis­san­dre Côte Ouest Nosy Kely, Moron­dava; 261-20/955-2022; hotel­restau­rant­palis­san­dreco­; dou­bles from US$158. Ecolodge de Kirindy Kirindy For­est; 261-32/401-6589; kirindy­for­; dou­bles from US$40. Le Soleil des Ts­ingy Bekopaka; 261-20/2220949; soleildests­ingy .com; dou­bles from US$110.

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