2018: THREE TRAVEL TRENDS 2018:三大熱門旅遊趨勢

In this special issue, we’ll be looking at the three big stories in travel and lifestyle for the next 12 months本期特別專題重點探討三個未來12個月的旅遊及生活潮流

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Discovery is predicting that three trends will dominate travel in 2018: the renaissance of northern Europe; the rise of Asian heritage projects; and an increasingly sophisticated health and wellness tourism industry.

In this special section, we investigate these trends with the help of preservation experts, wellness gurus and tourism operators. There’s even an immersion director.

Read on to find out how to amplify your 2018 travel plans.


接來下 的專題裡,我們邀來保育專家、養生達人、旅遊業經營者,甚至一位沉浸式體驗導師,一起探索箇中詳情。

以一下 系列專題文章,定能讓你的2018年旅遊行程更豐富更精采。

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