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THOUGH MANY RARELY get beyond the scrawl- on-a-napkin stage (or if they’re lucky, a one- off prototype), concept cars showcase what genius car designers think the future of four-wheeled travel might look like. Revisit some of the most beautiful concepts – like the 1938 Phantom Corsair supercar (above), designed by millionaire playboy Rust Heinz (of the canned food and sauce empire) – in new photobook Fast Forward: The Cars of the Future, the Future of Cars (right). 概念汽車是天才汽車設計師心目中未來汽車的構想,多但大 停留於在餐畫 紙 巾上的草圖,如果幸運的話,也許會生產一個實物原型。最新相片集《Fast Forward: The Cars of the Future, the Future of Cars》(下圖)回顧昔日曾經出現的精采概念汽車,例如上圖的1938年

Phantom Corsair超級汽車,是由家財萬貫的紈絝子弟Rus t Heinz設計,他是罐頭及醬汁王國亨氏集團的富二代。

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