A guide to wellness in the air: what to eat, drink, do – and when. By CATHY ADAMS 航空旅途的保健錦囊。撰文: Cathy Adams

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在機上如何調適我們的身體,減少不適。 撰文:

In this month’s issue of Discovery we looked at how pursuing wellness has become a big factor in people’s travel and holiday choices (page 48). But for most of us, travelling means flying – and flying takes its toll on our bodies. Jetlag, dehydration and motion sickness are common afflictions; a much more serious condition, deep vein thrombosis, is thankfully extremely rare.

As the number of people flying continues to rise, staying healthy in the air is taken increasingly seriously by the world’s wellbeing bodies. The World Health Organisation has a special section dedicated to air travel on its website, advising on everything from a decrease in cabin pressure to cosmic radiation. ‘Air travel, particularly over long distances, exposes passengers to a number of factors that may have an effect on their health and wellbeing,’ it says.

For Cathay Pacific, the idea that wellness permeates every area of travel is encapsulated in the Life Well Travelled brand promise. Passengers can find more information on the dedicated health and safety pages on Cathay Pacific’s website – and within this magazine.

This month, Cathay Pacific kicks off a new partnership with Pure Yoga, a leading yoga studio in Asia. It has produced six videos, available in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese on the inflight entertainment system, which teach some simple yoga poses and meditation techniques. Pure Yoga’s experienced teachers – like founding teachers Patrick Creelman (above) and Almen Wong (right) – take passengers through a series of animated poses, with voiceover from members of Cathay Pacific’s cabin crew, for them to do onboard to stay healthy and relaxed.

There’s an added benefit for

Marco Polo Club members thanks to the partnership. They benefit from a complimentary upgrade to an all-Asia pass when re-signing and upgrading to a 12-month Hong Kong All Locations Pure Yoga Fitness Package, as well as a 50 per cent discount on the joining fee.

‘ We all know that sitting still for a long period of time can be dangerous to your health. The need to get up, move and get your blood pumping is important during a flight,’ says Simon Cuthbert, entertainment, platforms and connectivity manager at Cathay Pacific. ‘Yoga is an innovative way to do this. Even inflight, the exercises can easily be done from an economy seat

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