Tasmania’s remote South Coast Track塔斯曼尼亞偏遠的南海岸路線

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THE SOUTH COAST Track was the route back to civilisation for 19th century sailors shipwrecked off Tasmania’s southern tip. Today the 85 kilometre bushwalk through South West National Park, Tasmania’s largest wilderness, is where hikers come to flee the modern world. You won’t find any lodges, luxury or otherwise (pack a tent). The reward: coastlines, ancient forests and lush mountains like Mount Anne (pictured); and weird and wild Tassie flora like these spiky, red-tinged pandani plants, only found on the island.

南海岸路線是19世紀時船隻於塔斯曼尼亞南端遇上海難時,水手利用來重回文明世界的徑路 。到了今天,這條穿越西南國家公園這片塔斯曼尼亞最大的荒野、全長85公里的叢林路徑,卻成了遠足者逃離現代明捷。文 的 徑 不過這裡沿途沒有任何旅舍,請帶備露營帳篷。然有雖 沒豪華舒適的享受,但你可以欣賞優美的海岸風景,在古老的森林漫步,還可眺望蒼翠的山巒,例如本圖的安妮山。此外,裡有這 還 不少外形奇特的野生植物,例如葉子尖削而帶紅色的露兜樹,是塔斯曼尼亞獨有品。的 種

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