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Fidgety? Can’t concentrate? You need to get engrossed in something. Try these.坐立不安?無法集中精神?那麼你需要一些能令你全神貫注的東西。不妨試試以下的建議。 Gerard Butler must save the world from a meteorological disaster in Geostorm (movies – Western cinema) (1). Donnie Yen and Andy Lau stand on opposite sides of the law in 1970s Hong Kong crime drama Chasing the Dragon (movies – Chinese cinema) (2). Mankind battles a breed of immortal beings in Ajin (movies – Asian cinema) (3). Ben Stiller suffers a mid-life crisis during a trip with his son in comedy Brad’s Status (movies – Western cinema) (4).

Gerard Butler於《人造天劫》(電影 ─ 西方院線) ( 1)中努力拯救地球免被人造氣候災難毀滅。甄子丹與劉德華在講述香港1970年代黑、白兩道故事的《追龍》(電影─ 華語電影)( 2)中互相較勁。人類與不死人在《亞人》(電影─ 亞洲映畫)( 3)中決一死戰。Ben Stiller在喜劇《Brad’s Status》(電影─西方院線)(4 )中與兒子出門旅行時飽受中年危機困擾。

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