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It’s a physiological fact – we get weepy at 35,000 feet. Why fight it?

這是個生理現象:我們於 呎高空很容易就眼淚盈眶,不必強忍。

Director Todd Haynes creates an emotional journey spanning generations in Wonderstruck (movies – Western cinema) (1). A chef searches for a legendary long-lost recipe in Japanese drama The Last Recipe (movies – Asian cinema) (2). There’s starcrossed lovers in New York in West Side Story (movies – Western classics) (3) and aboard the doomed 1912 ship Titanic (movies – Western classics) (4).

導演Todd Haynes在《童幻逆緣》(電影— 西方院線)( 1)中帶領觀眾踏上跨越不同世代的感情 之旅。大廚在日本電影《The Last Recipe》(電影— 亞洲映畫)( 2)中尋找傳說中失落已久的。食譜 兩對遭逢不幸的戀人在《夢斷城西》(電影—西片精選)( 3)中的紐約與1912年沉沒的《鐵達尼號》(電影—西片精選)(4 )上的感人故事。

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