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You’re not feeling very mainstream today. Time to get arty. Experiment a little.今天想與主流保持距離,最好有點藝術氣,息或帶點實驗意味。

Daniel Day-Lewis gives a magnificent final performance as an egotistical dressmaker in Phantom Thread (Movies – Western Cinema) (1). The West Wing and The Social Network screenwriter Aaron Sorkin tells the story of notorious ‘poker princess’ Molly Bloom in Molly’s Game (Movies – Western Cinema) (2). Two experts travel across the UK in search of lost and hidden art treasures in The Art Detectives (TV – Documentary) (3). A hacker continues his war against an evil corporation in the third season of Mr Robot (TV – Drama) (4).

Daniel Day- Lewis於息影作《霓裳魅影》(電影-西方影院)( 1)中飾演自負的服裝設計師,技演 出色,為演藝生涯完美謝幕。《白宮群英》及《社交網絡》的編劇Aaron Sorkin在《莫莉遊戲》(電影-西方影院)( 2)講述「撲克公主」Molly Bloom惡名昭彰的事蹟。兩位專家在《The Art Det ecti ves》(電視-紀錄短片)( 3)踏遍英國尋找失落的藝術寶藏。一名黑客在第三季的《Mr Robot 》(電視-劇力萬鈞)(4)繼續力抗惡邪 企業。

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