Chef ALBERT ADRIÀ’s ultimate Barcelona food tour. Introduction by CHRIS ENGLISH名廚Albert Adrià推介的巴塞羅那美食之旅,並由Chris English撰寫引言

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Chef Albert Adrià takes us on a culinary tour of Barcelona. By CHRIS ENGLISH


由名廚Albert Adrià領導的巴塞羅那美食之旅。撰文: Chris English

THE PLAYFUL inventiveness with which brothers Ferran and Albert Adrià approached gastronomy at their el Bulli restaurant – which reopens next year as a food lab, eight years after its doors shut – ensured a legacy that continues to inspire younger chefs.

Since, Albert Adrià has opened six restaurants in the Poble Sec neighbourhood of Barcelona, with the whimsical diner Tickets most similar to the el Bulli concept. His New York restaurant is scheduled to open at the end of this year.

由大廚Ferran Adrià及其弟弟Albert主理的el Bulli餐廳不但為食客烹調充滿創意的美食,而且饒富趣味;餐廳雖然已結業八年,並於2019年以美食實驗餐室的形式重開,這種獨特的飲食理念將繼續啟發新一代大廚。

Albert Adrià後來在巴塞羅那的Poble Sec區開設了六家餐廳,其中Tickets充滿奇思妙想的,風格 與el Bulli的概念最相似。他在紐約開設的餐廳,將於本年年底開幕。

巴塞羅那向來以佳餚美食著稱,不過Adrià認為,高級優質食材加上新一代大廚的創意烹飪,現在可說是前來大快朵頤的最佳時機。:塞他說 「巴 羅那從未如現在一般美食紛陳。

Barcelona has long been held in high gastronomic regard, although now Adrià believes that the quality of produce, matched with a new breed of chef, means there’s never been a better time to dine in the city. ‘ We have never eaten so well in Barcelona as we do now,’ says Adrià. ‘ We have referenced traditional cuisine and have now reinvented interpretations of tapas, vermuter’as (vermouth bars) and cocktail bars.’

Here are Adrià’s favourite restaurants in Barcelona.

我們向傳統烹飪取經,將tapas下酒小菜、專門以苦艾酒奉客的vermuterías酒吧及雞尾酒吧改換,頭 面 注入新意。」

以下是Adrià至愛的塞巴 羅那餐廳。

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