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UP UNTIL THE turn of the new century, hotels would stick to safe clusters where the tourists and business travellers were most concentrated. But as city centre rates rose, the creative energy began to be dispersed into the neighbourhoods and suburbs. Welcome, then, to the age of the hip neighbourhood hotel.

Our list is a mixture of the indie and the diffusion brands of the big operators (like Hyatt’s Andaz). That latter phenomenon is worth noting. It’s another stage in the big operators’ long march away from globalised homogeneity. First they started incorporating local elements into their city centre properties. Now they’re going local in geography as well as aesthetics.


Andaz is Hyatt’s hip incarnation, with an emphasis on uber-urban tech and style (see London’s Square Mile and New York’s Wall Street retreats for the new breed of finance pro who’s as likely to be in a t-shirt as a suit). But Singapore is moving the brand in a different direction.

The Andaz Singapore opened at the end of 2017, in the top floors of the DUO towers off Beach Road. Though check-in is on the 25th floor, the concept is very much grounded in street level culture. Andaz is Hindi for ‘personal style’, and the hotel’s own draws on the surrounding Little India, Kampong Glam and Bras Basah Bugis neighbourhoods. Designer André Fu’s colour palette evokes the same burnt yellow, paprika and aubergine hues found on Kampong Glam shophouses; while the olive greens mirror those from the inside of the nearby Sultan Mosque. Even the keycard readers resemble old-school letterboxes.

The minibar is stacked with local snacks, while French perfumer Christophe Laudamiel’s ‘Singapore Fusion’ bathroom amenities feature ingredients like orchids, orange blossoms and ginger lilies, inspired by the city’s botanic gardens. For when you want to get out, the copy of The Andaz Times in every room cherrypicks dishes, boutiques and experiences to tick off in the neighbourhood.

Fu’s Alley on 25 dining area brings the alleyway shophouse restaurant concept inside – offering Singapore’s zi char hawker cuisine at Auntie’s Wok and Steam, modern Asian barbecue at Smoke and Pepper, and Western options in the other eateries. All this can be washed down with an ice-cold Andaz Pale Ale, made by local brewers RedDot, which also happens to pair nicely with the 360-degree views of the neighbourhood and harbour from rooftop bar Mr Stork.

酒店通常都位於遊客及商務旅客最集中的地點,這種情況直一 維持到新世紀來臨之前。市隨著 中心的價地 不停上升,創意與潮亦著流跟流散到住宅區及市。郊去歡迎光臨街坊社的區內 新潮酒店。

我們挑選的,既有獨立營的運 酒店,也有大型酒店集團推出的附屬品牌(例如凱悅旗下的安達仕酒店)。後者是個值得留意的現象,顯示大型酒店集團正步棄逐 放於全球開設多家一式一樣的;酒店 開他初 們在市的中心 酒店內加入一些具當地特色的元素,現在更索性在一些當地人居住和生 活的非遊客區內開設酒店,在設計美學上更本。推崇 土化


安達仕是凱悅的新潮化身,將都市科技與時尚潮流共冶一爐,對新一代愛穿T恤多於裝西 的金融才俊(倫敦金融城及華爾街一帶就有不少)極具吸引力。但新加坡卻將品牌朝另一個方向發展。新加坡安達仕酒店於2017年底開幕,位於美芝路附近的DUO雙坊景 大樓頂部樓層內。

雖然酒店大堂位於25樓,但是設計卻非常貼地,融入街頭文特的 化 色。「安達仕」是印地語,意思是「個人風格」,汲酒店取鄰近的小印度、甘榜格武南及 吉士等街區的特色,營經 出自己的獨特格風 。負責酒店設計的傅厚民甘將 榜格南的店屋常見的橙黃、紅鮮 及深紫等顏色,配上附近蘇丹回教堂內的橄欖綠色,令酒店色彩繽紛。至於房間的閱鑰匙 讀器則像個舊式的。信箱

房間內的迷你酒吧放滿當地的特色小食,而來自法國調香師 Christophe Laudamiel 的Singapore Fusion 浴室用品系列,從當地的植物園尋找靈感,使用蘭花、橙花及薑花等作材。料 如果出你想外,逛逛 不妨參考房間內的《The Andaz Times》雜誌,內容括精選的美食、附近的精品店及不可過錯 的街坊事物。等

傅厚民以當地小巷內的店屋小餐館作概念,設計酒店的美食區Alley on 25;裡面有Auntie’s Wok and Steam的新坡加熟食檔炒「煮 」風味小菜、Smoke and Pepper 的現代洲亞 風味燒烤等多種地道美,外食 此 還有其他西式餐以廳 供選擇。佳餚需美相,要 酒 配 升宜來一杯冰凍的Andaz Pale Ale淡,啤酒 這款啤酒由當地的RedDot啤酒廠釀造。此外,從酒店的天台酒吧Mr Stork 更可以360度全方位飽覽附近及海港的。景色


This plucky little boutique really couldn’t be anywhere but Shoreditch. Firstly, because it’s named after the road it’s on (formerly gritty, now trendy Curtain Road) and, secondly, because there are bare brick walls; Sunday brunch with a gospel choir at an outpost of Harlem’s Red Rooster; and a shimmering rooftop pool (badged the ‘lido’, naturally) – so compact if you blink you’ll miss it – overlooking Victorian brick and Square Mile glass. A constant stream of Instagrams from VVIPs propping up the newly opened Green Room bar – serving cocktails like Rough Trade, named after the record label; and MaBelle, a tribute to East London’s Victoria Park – add to the Shoreditch vibe.

倫敦THE CURTAIN 酒店(本頁)

這家別具一格的小型精品酒店位於Shoreditch區的 Curtain Road路上,因而以為此 名。條這 路昔日是破的落 老街,現在則變得新潮時尚。酒店內外都有不加批盪的紅磚牆,帶點樸素氣息。酒店的 Red Rooster 餐廳是紐約哈林區總店的英國分店,星期日早午餐時段有福音聖詩合唱團獻唱助興;屋頂有小巧玲瓏的Lido泳池,從這裡可望見維多利亞式紅磚樓房,還可眺望金融城內高樓大廈的玻璃幕牆。Instagram上不斷有酒店極尊貴的貴賓載上 全新開幕的Green Room 酒吧的,照片 酒吧供應的雞尾酒如 Rough Trade 與MaBelle 等,都帶著Shoreditch 區的,氛圍 前者以倫敦一家唱片公司,命名 後者則是向倫敦東部的維多利亞公園致意。


The Chiang Mai itinerary is pretty well established: Old City, night markets, excursions to see elephants and temples, shopping on the Handicrafts Highway. Nimmanhaemin offers something different, as well as a teasing twister to non-Thai tongues. This artsy, studenty quarter known to its friends as ‘Nimman’ has the kind of low-level, laid-back, upscale vibe you’ll find in Tokyo’s hip neighbourhoods.

The five-star Akyra hotel was a signal that wealthy investors had noticed. But far from changing Nimman, the Akyra fits in nicely. Its ambitious lattice-work exterior looks as if it was modelled by one of the nearby ateliers, while its rooftop bar and pool serves equally ambitious cocktails, with views over the city and the northern kingdom that’ll have you reaching for the panorama setting on your phone’s camera.


到清邁遊覽的行程,大多括到舊城觀光、逛夜市、參觀大象和廟宇,以及到手工藝品街購物等。Nimmanhaemin一帶則為遊客帶來另一番體驗。當地人將這個充滿文藝與書卷氣的地區稱為「Nimman」,裡面那種平易近人、悠閒而清新的,氣息 令你想起東京某些新潮的街坊小區。

五星級的阿基拉馬諾爾酒店開設於這裡,證日富有的投少者也留意到這一區的。特色 但是酒店並沒有將Nimman改變,反而與街坊四鄰的環境共融。酒店建築外面有矚目的格子木框設計,看來就像是附近的手工作坊;客人可以在酒店的台天 酒吧及泳池旁,一邊品嚐精心調配的特色雞尾酒,把一邊 泰北風光收進手機內。


Read enough breathless local press and you’ll get the sense that Tai Hang is ‘the’ district to see and make a scene in. They’re right: and the blood of this former fishing village – land reclamation has set it well back from today’s shoreline – has coalesced around Little Tai Hang, which opened in 2016. Little Tai Hang distils everything about the district – quaint, local, full of great places to eat and drink – into a boutique hotel and serviced apartment complex with views over Victoria Park and the harbour. Downstairs Italian restaurant Bond, where the star attraction is the spaghetti prepared tableside in a roundel of cheese, is a real neighbourhood spot – as is gastropub Second Draft, from local food hero May Chow.


只要翻閱本地的報刊雜誌,你會就 知,道 大坑是個不可不到此一遊的。地區 這裡昔日是一條漁村,雖然因為海填的緣故現已遠離海岸,它但 依然保留了不少懷舊氣息和地道風味,還有多家美味而具特色的;餐館 2016年幕開 的Little Tai Hang酒店將區內的特色濃縮起來,集於一身,提並 供服務式住宅,住客可欣在此 賞到維多利亞公園及維港的景致。酒店樓下有意大利餐廳Bond,招牌菜是在餐桌旁放半個車輪形狀的芝士,然後在挖空的芝士內即席烹調意粉。此外美還有 食酒吧Second Draft,由香港名廚周思薇主理。這兩家餐廳都帶有街坊風味,平格調 易近人。

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