New Zealand native NAOMI ARNOLD whizzes around the South Island on the trail of Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time在新西蘭土生土長的Naomi Arnold跟隨著電影《時間的皺摺》的 路線,在家鄉旋風式兜了一圈

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NAOMI ARNOLD tracks down the New Zealand landscapes of Disney’s A Wrinkle In Time


Naomi Arnold前往迪士尼電影《時間的皺摺》外景地點新西蘭一行

OPRAH WINFREY NEVER planned on being in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time – until the director, her friend Ava DuVernay, told her that shooting locations included New Zealand. ‘Sold. I’m coming,’ said Winfrey.

During the film’s Central Otago shoot in February 2017, DuVernay, Winfrey and co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and 13-year-old Storm Reid, weren’t shy in bragging about working in some of New Zealand’s most beautiful locations, posting dozens of pictures on social media – including plenty of hot tubs overlooking Lake Wanaka. ‘You can’t not feel the sense of reverence and awe here,’ said Winfrey.

The film, based on the classic 1962 children’s science fantasy book by Madeleine L’Engle and a screenplay by Jennifer Lee and Jeff Stockwell, follows 13-year-old Meg Murry and her companions as she attempts to rescue her father, a scientist lost in space. New Zealand, with its varied, dramatic scenery, highly qualified film crews and favourable tax breaks, was the perfect choice to stand in for some of the fantastical planets the children visit on their journey.

Here are the film’s most stunning New Zealand locations. 名嘴Oprah Winfrey從來沒有打算在迪士尼出品的《時間的皺摺演》中 出,直至本片導演、她的友好 Ava DuVernay告訴她,拍攝地點包括新西蘭,她才一口答應:「一言為定,我來了。」

電影於2017年在2月 中奧塔哥進行拍攝, DuVernay、Winfrey與演演合的員Reese Witherspoon、Mindy Kaling及歲13的Storm Reid不斷在社交媒體上載大量照片,其中不少是從面對瓦納卡湖風光的浸浴缸內拍攝的,藉此向人炫耀工作地點的壯麗風景。Winfrey說:「這裡的風景無法不令人心存畏敬 。」

電影由編劇Jenni fer Le e及 Jeff Stockwell改美編 國作家Madeleine L’Engle於1962年推出的科學奇幻兒童故事經典,講述13歲的Meg Murry與多位同伴合力,企方營救被困於太空內的科學家父親。這幾個小孩在途中曾經踏足多稀個 奇古怪的星球,而新西蘭風景壯麗多變,加上可提供優秀的攝製隊及稅務優,惠 自然是拍異攝星風光的不二之選。



The utopian planet of Uriel – where Meg (Reid), her brother Charles Wallace and friend Calvin arrive first on their cosmic rescue mission – was filmed on the shores of Lake Hawea. Surrounded by farmland and dotted with back-to-basics baches (simple holiday homes), Lake Hawea has traditionally been a more peaceful neighbour to Wanaka and Queenstown on the South Island. The Uriel scenes were shot not far from Hunter Valley Station. The sheep farm is the essence of New Zealand and there are lots of walks you can do around the area. Camp at the Kidds Bush Reserve campsite to soak up some rural utopian bliss for yourself.

片中Meg(Reid飾)與她的弟弟Char les Wallace及友好 Calvin一同進行宇宙任拯救務,首先來到一個名為Uriel的星球上;這個星球風光奇幻而麗美,取景地點就在哈威亞湖畔。哈威亞湖位於南島,四周被農地圍繞,還有一些簡樸的bach度假屋點綴其間,一直以來都比附近的瓦納卡及皇后鎮寧靜。Uriel星球的場面就在Hunter Valley Station大牧場不遠處拍攝,這種位於高地郊野的綿羊牧場,是地道新西蘭特色;當地有很多步行小徑,讓人四處漫步遠足。不到於畔妨位湖的Kidds Bush Reserve露營地去露營,親自體驗鄉郊野趣,盡情欣賞靈秀的風景。


A brilliant milky blue thanks to a fine silt of powdered rock created as glaciers inch their way across land, Lake Pukaki is fed by the snow of New Zealand’s highest mountain, Mount Cook. Scenes for Uriel were shot on the lakeshore to make the most of this colour, with the background featuring enormous digitally altered towers of leaning rock. It’s here that Reese Witherspoon’s character Mrs Whatsit twirls and transforms into a flying green creature, and the lake also appears in the background in an action-packed falling scene. It was all filmed near Glentanner, a tiny settlement with scenic helicopter, horse trekking, heli-skiing and farm tours.

由於冰川移動遺下的岩石微粒堆積,造成堰塞,再加上來自新西蘭最高的庫克山上融雪時流下的水,形成了普卡基湖。這個湖的湖水呈現一種獨特的淺,藍色 藍中透白,有色「藍 牛奶湖」之稱,日常迷人。有幾場Uriel 星球的戲在湖邊拍就了攝, 是為要將這顏種 色攝入鏡頭,然後在背景以數碼特技效果加上傾斜的塔狀巨石。Reese Witherspoon飾的演 Mrs Whatsit 就是在這裡變身成為會飛的綠色生物。,此有外 一場動作激烈的高空下墜場面裡,也可以見到普卡基湖在背景出現。這些湖畔場面全部都在小村落葛倫塔納附近拍攝你, 可以在葛倫塔納乘直升機欣賞風景、騎馬到附近暢遊、乘直升機高到 山上滑雪,或者到當地的農莊參觀。


A scene from the dark planet Camazotz was shot on a privately owned sheep farm near Twizel, where a 12-hectare hayfield of long, waving barley and rye grass set the mood for Camazotz’s unnerving tension. A 40-minute drive from Mount Cook, Twizel is mostly a base to explore the stunning surroundings – it was built to service nearby hydropower projects in the 1960s but survived the bulldozers. Today it offers plenty of New Zealand country charm, with expansive mountain views.

片中有一場暗黑星球 Camazotz 的戲是在特威澤爾附近一個私人綿羊牧場內拍攝的。這個地有方 一片面積12公頃的土地,長滿了大麥及黑,麥 長長的麥桿隨風搖擺,令 Camazotz 星球瀰漫一片令人緊張不的安氣氛。特威澤爾距離庫克山約 40分車鐘程是,原供1960 年代在此興建水力發電站的工人居住發, 電站建成後這個小鎮一直保留下來,沒有被清拆現。 在外地遊客前來探索和欣賞這一帶迷的 人風景時,都是以特威澤爾為大本營。在此可以飽覽壯麗的山光水色,盡情陶醉於新西蘭的郊野自然風景中。



Mount Cook also features in the background of scenes from Uriel. An accessible alpine village, it’s one of the most stunning spots in New Zealand. Members of the cast stayed at Mount Cook Lakeside Retreat (pictured), a luxury lodge on the shores of Lake Pukaki; as well as The Hermitage Hotel, a quintessential alpine lodge near Mount Cook. The area offers plenty of day walks and other activities for the less alpine-inclined.

庫克山也是Uriel星某球 些場景的取景地點。這裡有一個位高於 山上但交通方便的村莊,風景絕佳,在新西蘭堪稱數一數二。本片的演員入住位於普卡基湖畔的豪華旅舍Mount Cook Lakeside Retreat(右上方) ,以及位克於庫 山附近、洋溢典型高山旅舍風格的The Hermitage Hotel酒店。這一帶有許多可供白天散步遠足的小徑,若不喜歡到高山上,也有不少其他活動可供選擇。


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