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of 1999, the ConExpo organisation chose its top 10 construction projects of the 20th century. They included the Aswan Dam, the Panama Canal, the Golden Gate Bridge – and a project that had been completed barely more than a year before: Hong Kong’s new airport on Chek Lap Kok, north of Lantau Island.

The judges considered what a monumental, and expensive, task it had been. Two islands levelled, hectares of land reclaimed from the South China Sea, new suspension bridges built over that same sea, roads and a rail link installed, and over HK$70 billion spent.

Today, the experience of passing through Hong Kong International Airport (pictured) is so familiar – and usually so fast – for many of us that we barely notice it. It’s easy to forget the stir the airport and its soaring terminal design created when it opened 20 years ago this month. (And probably best forgotten is the chaos of the first few days, with flights delayed, baggage lost and an embarrassingly long list of malfunctions from toilets to taxi ranks.)

Now both Chek Lap Kok and its neighbourhood are ready for their next growth spurt. So is the airport they left behind: Kai Tak in Kowloon. And speaking of memories, the romance of that famous landing between tower blocks and washing lines only seems to grow with the years.

In this issue, one of our most accomplished chroniclers of Hong Kong history and life, Christopher DeWolf, tells the story of these two airports: 20 years and 30 kilometres apart (page 34). And if you are about to disembark at HKIA – spare a minute to take in the engineering miracle that surrounds you.

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今天,對很多人來說,香港國際機 場(上圖)是一個我們非常熟悉的地方,裡面各種設施配合得當,使用起來快捷方便,暢順到令人不會留意機場內的各種運作。20年前的7月,香港國際機場落成啟用,當年對新機場宏偉建築的興奮和新鮮感,隨著歲月流逝而變淡了;而當年新機場啟用時頭幾天航班延誤、行李遺失,以及從洗手間以至的士站均出現各種大小故障的混亂情況,亦被人忘記得一乾二淨。


擅長撰寫香港歷史與生活的Christopher DeWolf,今期講述這兩個機場(相隔20年及30公里)的故事( 34頁)。如果你即將從香港國際機場出發,在登機前不妨花點時間好好欣賞這個工程奇蹟。

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