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New York-based Sunshine is the editor of RCI Ventures magazine. She zips between Boston, New York and Washington DC in three days on page 52. What’s your favourite airport? ‘Nashville International Airport – I love that you walk off your plane and in less than a minute you’re listening to live bluegrass.’

居於紐約的Sunshine是《RCI Ventures》雜誌的編輯,她花了三天快閃遊覽波士頓、紐約及首都華盛頓三地,遊記刊於52頁。你最喜歡哪個機場?「美國納什維爾國際機場。你甫下飛機,不消一分鐘便可聽到本地樂隊現場演奏藍草音樂,感覺非常好。」

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