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SEASON 1/第1季48-57 min/分鐘

FROM THE minds of David Shore ( NYPD Blue) and actor Bryan Cranston comes this gritty crime drama starring Giovanni Ribisi as con man Marius. When he’s hunted by gangsters, Marius has no choice but to assume the identity of his former cell mate, Pete, and become part of Pete’s estranged family.

由編劇David Shore(前作《紐約重案組與》)演員Bryan Cranston共同創作的寫實犯罪劇,並由Giovanni Ribisi飾演被黑幫追殺的騙徒Marius。Marius在走投無路之下,有唯假扮成他以前的囚友Pete,並且成為Pete關係疏離的家庭一。分子

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