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Maman, Tokyo東京《Maman》

Not for arachnophobes, this 10-metre-tall sculpture of a spider by Louise Bourgeois (above) holds court in Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills.蜘蛛恐症懼 患者請迴避這十。 件 米高的蜘蛛雕塑(上圖)由藝術家Louise Bourgeois創作立,矗 於東京六本城木新 。

The Children’s Peace Monument, Hiroshima廣島《原爆之子像》

This nine-metre-high bronze installation by Kazuo Kikuchi of a girl on a pedestal, holding a folded crane, pays tribute to the children who died from the atomic bombing.

這九件 米高的青銅裝置由菊池一雄設計,以站在台座上高紙的舉 鶴 小女孩為造型,悼因念 1945年原爆而死亡兒的 童。

Hakone Open-Air Museum


More than 100 sculptures are displayed in panoramic mountainside gardens – including Henry Moore’s Large Spindle Piece, Gabriel Loire’s Symphonic Sculpture, and Niki de Saint Phalle’s colourful Miss Black Power.

逾100件雕塑作品遍佈位於山坡的花園,內包括Henry Moore的《Large Spindle Piece》、Gabriel Loire的《Symphonic Sculpture》以及Niki de Saint Phalle的鮮艷雕《塑 Miss Black Power》等,令人目給不暇 。hakone-

Great Buddha of Kamakura鎌倉大佛

This 13-metre-high bronze statue on the Kotokuin Temple grounds inspired Rudyard Kipling’s poem The Buddha at Kamakura, after his visits to Japan in 1889 and 1892.

高13米的青銅佛像位於德內高 院 ,作家吉百齡於及1889 1892年到日本旅行後,以這尊佛像為題材,寫下《The Buddha at Kamakura》(鎌倉大佛)一詩。

Hachiko, Tokyo東京《忠犬八公像》

This statue outside Shibuya Station is of Hachiko, an Akita who met his owner here every evening – and continued to wait for 10 years after he died at work and never returned.這是於澀谷車站的田外 秋 犬八公紀念雕像。八公每晚天傍 都到車站迎接主人,後來主人於上班時突然離世不, 再回來,牠仍然雨風 不改地在車站苦候十年。

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