This month we’re bringing big stadium acts to your seatback screen. By TIM PRITCHARD

Discovery - - ENTERTAINMENT 娛樂 - 本月我們將在大型體育館內舉行的盛大演唱會搬到你座位面前的屏幕上。撰文: Tim Pritchard

out in 2010, British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has become one of the world’s biggest stars. In addition to winning four Grammys, he’s also picked up a legion of fans – called Sheerios – sold more than 22 million albums and in 2017 had his songs streamed more than 6.3 billion times on Spotify.

You can see just how much he means to dedicated fans crammed into the front rows of his concerts. This month we’ve brought live recordings from big stadium acts, including Sheeran’s performance on the Austin City Limits TV show in 2017, to your seatback screen. Watch performances of ballads like Thinking of You and Perfect, complete with his dainty acoustic guitar and characteristic selfdeprecating banter.

While Sheeran trades on scruffy charm and heart- on-sleeve ballads, Elton John prefers extravagance. Now 71, the British hitmaker just wrapped up a seven-year residency at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace. Available onboard is one of his shows from 2012, which includes hits like Benny and the Jets, I’m Still Standing and Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) – renditions as exuberant as his rococo outfits, elaborate visuals and stage sets.

We also have U2’s Live in London, a BBC special, recorded at Abbey Road Studios last year. Blending performances of tracks from new album Songs of Experience with footage of the band backstage in São Paulo as they prepare for the final show of their Joshua Tree Tour, it’s a tantalising insight into the work ethic and ethos of one of world’s most enduring rock bands.

However, for pure technicolour pop indulgence, K-pop is still king. In recent years, its songs and style have spread far beyond South Korea’s borders. Check out performances from two of K-pop’s most popular exports, boy bands Wanna One and BTS, on South Korean music TV programme Show! Music Core. You can also catch performances by some of China’s biggest stars by checking out the 2018 China Music Awards, which were held in Macao in April.

英國唱作歌手Ed Sheeran 自 2010 年走紅以後,成為全球樂壇數一數二的巨星。除了曾贏得四項格林美獎之外,同時更贏得大量稱為「Sheerios」的超級歌迷。他的唱片銷量超過 2,200萬張,其歌曲在音樂串流平台Spotify上更有高達63億次的串流量。

當你見到忠心樂迷拼命地擠進其演唱會最前排的位置時,就會明白這位歌手在他們心目中的地位何等重要。本月我們為你帶來多個大型體育館內舉行的盛大演唱會實況,讓你可以安坐機上細心欣賞,其中括他於2017年在《Austin City Limits》電視音樂節目的表演。他唱出多首抒情歌曲如〈Thinking of You〉及〈Perfect〉等,還有他一手精妙的木結他演奏和不時幽默的自嘲。

這邊廂Ed Sheeran以一身不起眼的打扮,加上感情充沛的抒情歌曲,打動萬千歌迷的心, Elton John卻反其道而行,走富麗奪目的路線。這位年屆71歲的英國流行歌手,剛結束了在拉斯維加斯凱撒皇宮駐唱七年的生涯。本月在機上可以看到他在2012 年的演唱會上唱出大熱流行曲如〈Benny and the Jets〉、〈I’m Still Standing〉及〈Saturday Night’s Alright(For Fighting)〉,此外還可欣賞到他一身華麗耀眼的衣飾、堂皇的舞台佈景與視覺效果,可說令人極盡視聽之娛。

機上同時可以看到去年U2的《Live in London》演唱會,那是英國廣播公司的特備節目,並於Abbey Road Studios 錄音室內錄製。除了可以欣賞到樂隊演唱新專輯《Songs of Experience》內的歌曲之外,更可以看到他們在巴西聖保羅準備演出 Joshua Tree Tour巡迴之旅最後一站的幕後花絮,從中可了解這隊長青樂隊多年來歷久不衰的原因,內容精采吸引。

如果你喜歡載歌載舞的流行曲演出,韓國流行音樂依然是不二之選。近年韓流影響深遠,無論歌曲與時裝均風靡世界各地。不妨在機上觀看韓國流行音樂其中最受歡迎的兩隊男團Wanna One及BTS防彈少年團,於南韓音樂電視節目《Show! Music Core》中的演出。若對亞洲流行曲意猶未盡,可以觀看於4月在澳門舉行的2018年全球華語榜中榜頒獎典禮,欣賞多位頂級華語歌手的演出。

Moves like Jagger K-pop boy band Wanna One (above) have got the moves, and Ed Sheeran (top) is never short on banter

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