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I think the “de­sign your fu­ture” course should be taught ear­lier, like at ju­nior or se­nior high school ( De­sign­ing your fu­ture, Fe­bru­ary 28).

For many Chi­nese stu­dents, the na­tional col­lege en­trance ex­am­i­na­tion ( gaokao) is the key to chang­ing their fate, es­pe­cially for those who grow up in un­der­de­vel­oped small cities or vil­lages.

Thanks to the gaokao more than 10 years ago, I achieved my dream of walk­ing out of my home­town to study and live in one of China’s first-tier cities. But I have to say, if I had a course that taught me how to de­sign my fu­ture early in school, I could have en­coun­tered fewer strug­gles at some cru­cial mo­ments in my life.

I still re­mem­ber how con­fused I was when I had to choose my univer­sity ma­jor. I held my gaokao score sheet tightly in my hand and read all the ma­jors listed in the ref­er­ence book that the school pre­pared for stu­dents, but I just had no idea which one to choose.

Be­fore going to school, my knowl­edge of the kinds of pro­fes­sions out there was lim­ited to those of my fam­ily and the ones I saw on TV pro­grams, such as mod­el­ing and be­ing a tour guide.

In pri­mary school, I learned about pro­fes­sions like sci­en­tist and en­gi­neer, which were pre­ferred by many peo­ple be­cause they were deemed high-level. Your fam­ily would be glad and praise you if they know you aim to be one of the two. But none of us really knew what ex­actly a sci­en­tist or en­gi­neer does.

I think many peo­ple chose a ma­jor based on their gen­eral and ob­scure un­der­stand­ing of it. That is why I think high school is a crit­i­cal pe­riod to teach stu­dents how to de­sign their fu­ture.

Af­ter all, only this can truly equip them to de­cide what they want to do in the fu­ture. Zou Min, by e-mail

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