Sleep­ing in the nude

Global Times – Metro Beijing - - TWO CENTS - By Su­san Shi

My hus­band and I can never reach an agree­ment when it comes to one ques­tion. Which is more com­fort­able – sleep­ing naked or in pa­ja­mas?

He is a firm believer that the best sleep­wear is noth­ing at all.

I, on the con­trary, wear pa­ja­mas. My sleep­wear in­cludes a long-sleeved top, pants, socks and an eye mask.

Sleep­ing in the nude is much more com­fort­able, re­lax­ing and breezy, said my hus­band, adding that pa­ja­mas can twist, bunch up and get in the way. How­ever, I feel it’s more com­fort­able and re­as­sur­ing wear­ing pa­ja­mas. Wear­ing good, soft, long pa­ja­mas makes me feel safe and al­lows me to fall asleep more eas­ily.

While he be­lieves it’s health­ier to be naked be­cause pa­ja­mas are suf­fo­cat­ing, un­ven­ti­lated and make it hard for his blood to flow, I be­lieve wear­ing pa­ja­mas does our health more good since it pro­tects us from some of the bac­te­ria and chem­i­cal residue on the sheets, fur­ni­ture and other things out there.

He said be­ing in the nude is the only way he can fall asleep. I used to force him to wear pa­ja­mas, but he stayed wide awake for a few hours be­fore fall­ing asleep.

In ad­di­tion, when it comes to cud­dling, he in­sists that skin-to-skin feels nicer and more in­ti­mate, while I hate how skin, re­gard­less of whom it be­longs to, feels. It’s weird and sticky in the sum­mer.

Our pref­er­ences cause us to have very dif­fer­ent opin­ions on how we spend our lim­ited bud­get when it comes to the bed­room.

He prefers to go ex­trav­a­gant on nice bed­ding, in­clud­ing sheets and quilt cov­ers made of nat­u­ral fibers that “feel breath­able and kind to one’s skin.”

How­ever, I would rather spend our money on com­fort­able pa­ja­mas. And they have to be made of the soft­est fibers, prefer­ably cot­ton. I pre­fer con­ser­va­tive two-piece pa­ja­mas, which in­clude a long-sleeved top and long pants, over sexy, lace lin­gerie, but my hus­band is highly against this. One thing that we do agree on is that the way one sleeps tells a lot about the per­son­al­ity of a per­son. Peo­ple who sleep in the nude must feel very con­fi­dent about them­selves. They feel good in their skin. As for folks like me, I am more up­tight and care­ful in ev­ery­thing, from work to house­hold chores. I cer­tainly feel com­fort­able in my own bed­room, but wear­ing pa­ja­mas makes me feel safer. I think it also has some­thing to do with what we wear dur­ing the day. My hus­band wears suits to work, and he wants to feel free when he is home. My job doesn’t re­quire for­mal cloth­ing, and I can just wear baggy pants and T-shirts to work. There­fore, I don’t feel the need to get out of my con­strict­ing clothes and let my body breathe af­ter­ward. As sleep­ing is one of the most im­por­tant things in our lives, nei­ther one of us will com­pro­mise. We talked and talked, but it re­mains un­solved. The cur­rent sit­u­a­tion is that we have agreed that we each keep our own sleep­ing habits and turn a blind eye to the other per­son’s pref­er­ences.

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