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Global Times – Metro Beijing - - TWO CENTS - By Lisa Linssen

Iam a big fan of pretty hands and well cared for nails. So, it’s no sur­prise that I get a man­i­cure quite fre­quently. I al­ways try to con­vince my boyfriend to join me. Oh, how I wish he would get some mois­ture on those hands.

But he re­fuses ev­ery time and tells me that go­ing to a nail salon is too girly for him.

In his eyes, a man’s hands should be a bit rough. To him, the hands of males don’t have to be pretty, but they must be prac­ti­cal.

His view is a bit old-fash­ioned, but it is cer­tainly not un­com­mon among men and maybe even a few fe­males back home.

Since I am so used to the “typ­i­cal” male hand, it was not hard to no­tice that here in China it seems like the male pop­u­la­tion has quite a dif­fer­ent at­ti­tude to­ward hand and nail care.

It’s a coun­try full of smooth male hands.

More than once I have seen guys in China ap­ply­ing hand cream or sit­ting in a salon to get a pedi­cure or man­i­cure.

Also, very of­ten I see peo­ple wear­ing gloves to pro­tect their skin, even in the gyms.

Most of the guys I have ob­served at the gym wear gloves to lift weights.

Cer­tainly, the beauty stan­dard of hav­ing one much longer pinky nail is noth­ing I fully un­der­stand or ap­pre­ci­ate, but it makes men take bet­ter care of their hands.

If they do not take care of their hands, that nail will break eas­ily and won’t be­come as long as they like.

Most men I know from the West pre­fer short nails so that they do not have to worry about a nail rip­ping.

Back home it is con­sid­ered manly to build things with one’s own hands. A man who is handy is con­sid­ered de­sir­able.

A handy­man mostly has rough hands. So, I think rough hands are as­so­ci­ated with the im­age of a man who can build things– a man who can change your tire or fix things around the house.

In China, such skills are not as es­sen­tial, since it is so easy and cheap to just have another per­son come and fix things around the house.

Here, a per­son who does not have the hands of a worker is con­sid­ered rich be­cause their job does not re­quire man­ual la­bor, which in China is of­ten not well paid. So, smooth hands with long nails also rep­re­sent a bet­ter-paid job.

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