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I’m the kind of per­son that ti­dies up when­ever I want. If I’m in the mood, I prob­a­bly can spend a whole day clean­ing my house and ar­rang­ing my stuff. But if I’m not in the mood or don’t have time, my home can be in a mess un­til I fi­nally de­cide to do the clean­ing ( My mis­sion to de­clut­ter my home, Septem­ber 26).

I’ve read Marie Condo’s book The Life-Chang­ing Magic of Tidy­ing Up. At first I was ex­cited and couldn’t wait to ar­range my wardrobe ac­cord­ing to her meth­ods. But af­ter time, I lost my pas­sion and my home re­turned to what it was in the past. I also tried other meth­ods of clean­ing and ar­rang­ing, but all turned out in vein.

Now I know that clean­ing and ar­rang­ing is not the prob­lem. What trou­bles me is how to keep my home clean, tidy and in per­fect or­der as al­ways. But as long as I live in the house and use things, I can­not avoid mak­ing it messy. At the be­gin­ning, the house and all things can be spot­lessly clean and or­derly. But ev­ery time I take out a stuff, the house be­come messier, and fi­nally it re­turn to what it is be­fore.

How to solve this prob­lem? I don’t have a good an­swer. I told my­self just ac­cept it and hope one day there will be some ro­bot that can res­cue me from the end­less house­work. Irene Xu, by email

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