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“Sig­nage at Xu­ji­ahui metro sta­tion is out­dated.”

A man was re­cently charged 800 yuan ($115.82) for a phone LED only worth 300 yuan. He was con­fused by an old sign at Xu­ji­ahui metro sta­tion for the well-known com­puter mall Buynow. So the man asked for help from a scalper who led him to an in­fe­rior com­puter mall where un­scrupu­lous mer­chants charged him a higher price. Buynow was re­lo­cated to a new lo­ca­tion in Oc­to­ber, but the sub­way sta­tion sig­nage has not been up­dated.

Il­lus­tra­tions: Chen Xia/GT

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