Xi-Trump call her­alds new phase in re­la­tions

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Chi­nese Pres­i­dent Xi Jin­ping and US Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump spoke by phone Fri­day morn­ing Bei­jing time. Ac­cord­ing to China Cen­tral Tele­vi­sion, Trump stressed that he fully un­der­stood the great im­por­tance for the US gov­ern­ment to re­spect the one-China pol­icy and that the US will ad­here to the one-China pol­icy. This has be­come the most at­ten­tion-grab­bing part of the phone call.

Since as­sum­ing of­fice, Trump and his team have changed their rhetoric about China. Trump has stopped openly chal­leng­ing China’s core in­ter­ests, and in­stead showed re­spect to Bei­jing.

The change cre­ates an im­pres­sion that Trump is learn­ing about his role in the realm of Sino-US ties. He’s now send­ing a new mes­sage that he does not want to be a dis­rup­tor of the Sino-US re­la­tions.

This phone call be­tween the top lead­ers is a sign that some con­fu­sion in the re­la­tion­ship has been sorted out at the cur­rent stage. The Sino-US ties have, after a lit­tle shiver, re­turned to where they are sup­posed to stand. Un­cer­tain­ties still loom but they will be about spe­cific in­ter­ests. The Sino-US re­la­tions will con­tinue to move for­ward un­der the com­pli­cated frame­work where co­op­er­a­tion and fric­tions co­ex­ist.

Be­fore as­sum­ing of­fice, Trump gave an im­pres­sion that a trade war be­tween the two coun­tries was around the cor­ner. The com­mu­ni­ca­tions be­tween the two coun­tries since Trump came to power were not high pro­file but have now proven to be ef­fec­tive.

It’s al­ways bet­ter for China and the US, the world’s No.1 and No.2 economies, to re­solve their dif­fer­ences through di­a­logue rather than con­flict. Nei­ther coun­try should try to break the other side’s bot­tom line.

In terms of na­tional strength, the US is more pow­er­ful than China. How­ever the US has broader in­ter­ests around the globe and some of its in­ter­ests ex­tend close to China’s area of core in­ter­est. This has led to a spe­cial type of bal­ance in East Asia, espe­cially in ar­eas around China, where China’s strength and res­o­lu­tion to de­fend its core in­ter­ests matches with that of the US.

Bei­jing and Wash­ing­ton are mak­ing his­tory. China and the US are by far the most civ­i­lized ris­ing power and es­tab­lished power in his­tory. If peace and co­op­er­a­tion is se­curely main­tained be­tween the two coun­tries, the lead­ers of this tran­si­tional pe­riod will go down in his­tory.

The phone call be­tween Xi and Trump marks the be­gin­ning of a new stage of diplo­matic in­ter­ac­tions be­tween the top lead­ers. There are many un­re­solved is­sues that need to be ad­dressed. When fac­ing dif­fi­culty, nei­ther coun­try should act im­petu­ously. They should know that even if some prob­lems can­not be re­moved like a rock, when the time comes, they can be sub­merged un­der the river of his­tory.

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