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Venom ( m0ng d%) 1. Eyes! Lungs! Pan­creas! So many snacks, so lit­tle time! ( w6 de y2nj~ng! f-i! y!xi3n! y6u zh-me du4 sh9! w6m9n j~h$ m9i sh!ji`n le!) 2. Guys, you do not want to do this, trust me. ( hu6j#, n@ b%hu# xi2ng zh-me zu7, xi`ngx#n w5.) 3. You should be ex­tremely afraid. ( n@ y~ngg`i f8ich1ng f8ich1ng h3ip3.) 4. What do you want from me? ( n@ xi2ng c5ng w6 zh- d9d3o sh9nme?) 5. I’m a re­porter. I fol­low peo­ple that do not wanna be fol­lowed. You have to learn how to hide in plain sight. I’m pretty good at it... ( w6 sh#g- j#zh0, w6 g8nz4ng n3xi8 b&xi2ng b-i g8nz4ng de r9n, n@ d0i xu9hu# z0nme z3i y!pi3n p!ngd# zh4ng c1ng q@l1i. du# zh-di2n w6 h0n z3i­h1ng.)

Il­lus­tra­tion: Xia Qing/GT

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