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Chat at­tack

do­nate money 捐款 (ju`nku2n) A: There are a lot of do­na­tion plat­forms on­line. Have you ever do­nated any money be­fore on these plat­forms? 现在网络上有很多募捐平台,你有没有在这些平台上捐过款呢? (xi3nz3i w2nglu7 sh3ng y6u h0ndu4 m& ju`n p!ngt1i, n@ y6um0iy6u z3i zh-xi8 p!ngt1i sh3ng ju`n gu7 ku2n ne?) B: A cou­ple of times. But later I heard that there are many swindlers who take ad­van­tage of peo­ple’s good na­ture to trick them out of money, so I didn’t dare give my money to an on­line plat­form that eas­ily. 捐过几次,但后来听说网上有很多不法分子利用大家的善心骗钱,就没再敢随便在网络平台捐款了。 (ju`n gu7 j@c#, d3n h7ul1i t~ng­shu4 w2ng sh3ng y6u h0ndu4 b&f2 f-nz@ l#y7ng d3 ji` de sh3nx~n pi3n­qi1n, ji&m9i z3ig2n su!bi3n z3i w2nglu7 p!ngt1i ju`nku2n le.) A: Yeah. There is a lot of fake in­for­ma­tion on­line. You have to make sure you are look­ing at things clearly when do­nat­ing money. That way you can help those who re­ally need it. 对。网上有很多虚假信息,捐款时要看清楚,才能帮到真正需要帮助的人。 (du#, w2ng­sh3ng y6u h0ndu4 x$ji2 x#nx~, ju3nku2n sh! y3o k3n q~ngch^, c1i n9ng b`ngd3o zh8nzh-ng x$y3o b`ngzh& de r9n.)

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