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Chat at­tack easy to please 好养活 (h2o y2nghu5) A: My monthly salary is just not enough. I of­ten have to ask my mom and dad for help due to eco­nomic emer­gen­cies. It’s re­ally de­press­ing. 我每个月的工资都不够花,常常因为财务危机不得不问我爸妈要钱,真是郁闷。 (w6 m0ig- yu- de g4ngz~ d4u b%g7u hu`, ch1ngch1ng y~nw9i c1iw& w8ij~ b& d9 b% w-n w6 b3m` y3o­qi1n, zh8nsh# y&m-n.) B: Why is that? Don’t you have a high salary? I make half of what you make and I feel re­ally wealthy. 怎么会?你工资不是挺高的吗,我每个月赚的才是你的一半,都觉得富有。 (z0nme hu#? n@ g4ngz~ b%sh# t@ng g`o de ma, w6 m0ig- yu- zhu3n de c1ish# n@ de y!b3n, d4u ju9de f&y6u.) A: You must be re­ally easy to please if you can get by on this lit­tle bit of money. 你还真是好养活呢,这点钱都能生活。 (n@ h1i zh8nsh# h2o y2nghu5 ne, zh-di2n qi1n d4u n9ng sh8nghu5.) B: That’s be­cause I’m not al­ways buy­ing cos­met­ics, eat­ing fancy meals and buy­ing things. Is there some­thing wrong with sav­ing money by stay­ing home and read­ing? 因为我不会总买化妆品,吃大餐还购物,把钱省下来在家看书不好吗? (y~nw9i w6 b%hu# z6ng m2i hu3zhu`ng p@n, ch~ d3c`n h1i g7uw&, b2 qi1n sh0ng xi3l1i z3iji` k3nsh$ b&h2o ma?)

Il­lus­tra­tion: Xia Qing/GT

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