It's Lonely at the Top

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It’s not just ev­ery­day Hongkongers who can be alone. Even the guys at the top of so­ci­ety can feel iso­lated.

“Long Hair” Le­ung Kwok-hung

Be­ing the an­gry voice of dis­sent over lit­er­ally ev­ery­thing must get pretty lone­some.

CY Le­ung

Is there a lone­lier job in pol­i­tics than Hong Kong’s top seat? Your al­lies are use­less, the pan-dems block ev­ery­thing you try to do, stu­dents are lit­er­ally wav­ing evil ef­fi­gies of you and even Beijing doesn’t give you the time of day. Tough gig, dude.

Nina Wang

Asia’s rich­est wo­man might have had it all on pa­per, but the truth is that her life was a sad tale of pro­tracted le­gal bat­tles—both be­fore and af­ter her death—as mul­ti­ple forged wills ap­peared from peo­ple who seemed to be tak­ing ad­van­tage of her.

Ce­cil Chao

The Che­ung Nak Hold­ings ty­coon is no­to­ri­ous for his mul­ti­ple love af­fairs and has claimed to have slept with 10,000 women. But who holds his heart?

Don­ald Tsang

Loved by the Bri­tish, ig­nored by Hongkongers… where is Bow-Tie Tsang now?

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