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What does the Year of the Mon­key hold for you? We ask feng shui mas­ter Lee Shing-chak for his pre­dic­tions… and the mis­chievous Mon­key King him­self to in­ter­pret for us. By Xavier Ng and Adam White


2004 / 1992 / 1980 1968 / 1956


Mon­key see, mon­key do. Mon­keys are known to be quick learn­ers, who en­joy ad­ven­tures and try­ing out new things. This is your year, so—YOLO.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Mon­keys who are study­ing or ap­ply­ing for jobs will have a great year. There’ll be some­thing to do with au­to­mo­biles, so you may pos­si­bly buy a car—or if you are in the mo­tor­ing or trans­porta­tion in­dus­try, you’re in luck. How­ever, since you are in con­flict with “Tai Sui” [the “Great Duke of Jupiter”] this year, you should pay extra at­ten­tion to your health. To avoid “bloody ac­ci­dents,” go have your teeth cleaned or give blood— that way you’ll be do­ing good deeds and tak­ing the blood away.


2005 / 1993 / 1981 1969 / 1957


The Rooster has a heroic per­son­al­ity. They’re also good at num­bers and time man­age­ment—but they hap­pen to have very sharp tongues, so you don’t want to get on their bad side.

Mas­ter Lee says:

The Rooster will have a great year in terms of ro­mance and sex. Don’t abuse your good fortune, though, as it could turn bad if you go too far. Ex­pect some­one to help you this year: You’ll be able to achieve a lot by work­ing with that cer­tain some­one. How­ever, pay close at­ten­tion to how you work with oth­ers, es­pe­cially with your words as ar­gu­ments might come eas­ily. There might be prob­lems with your joints, fin­gers, mus­cles and bones.


2006 / 1994/ 1982 1970 / 1958


The Dog is very con­ser­va­tive and se­cure, but they can come across as stub­born at times. Be more flex­i­ble and try to raise your EQ and you’ll find suc­cess comes eas­ier.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Com­pared to mon­keys who are al­ways jump­ing around, dogs are very sta­ble—quite the op­po­site, which makes this year not so great for them. Take good care of your par­ents and your­self as there might be health prob­lems com­ing up soon. You may also be a bit de­pressed this year—try to keep your­self in a good mood. The sev­enth to ninth month of the lu­nar cal­en­dar [Aug 3-Oct 30] will be a low point for you. You may also have prob­lems when work­ing with oth­ers.


2007 / 1995 / 1983 1971 / 1959


The Pig is the most un­bi­ased and im­par­tial of all 12 zo­diac signs, but they have prob­lems with con­sis­tency and stay­ing fo­cused.

Mas­ter Lee says:

This year there will be a wo­man help­ing you out in your life, and if you are a man then that may be more than just help! You will also have a good chance of buy­ing a house this year [we’re not con­vinced—Ed] or you might be­come fa­mous or get pro­moted. Even so, you should not over­spend as there might be fi­nan­cial prob­lems wait­ing ahead. You are also in con­flict with Tai Sui this year so you should not be fac­ing north—it will bring you con­flicts with oth­ers.


2010 / 1998 / 1986 1974 / 1962


The Tiger is the loner of the zo­diac an­i­mals—so not great at work­ing with oth­ers. In­stead they are very good at plan­ning and very quick to act.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Tigers have the big­gest con­flict with Mon­keys—they are in di­rect op­po­si­tion to the Mon­key’s peo­ple-ori­ented na­ture. Be care­ful with the health of your par­ents as well as your wal­let, as this might not be a great year for your fi­nances. How­ever, this year presents a good chance for Tigers to re­solve prob­lems—so­lu­tions should ap­pear eas­ily. You will also be trav­el­ing a lot, so this is a good year for those in the tourism or trans­porta­tion in­dus­try. How­ever, try to avoid water sports.


2009 / 1997 / 1985, 1973 / 1961


The Ox is the qui­etest of all, a big be­liever in “slow and steady wins the race.” They are also very pa­tient, but need to speak up and be more cre­ative.

Mas­ter Lee says: Rat

2008 / 1996 / 1984 1972 / 1960


The Rat is the most de­tail-minded of all zo­diac an­i­mals. They are also artis­tic and have tal­ent in the food in­dus­try (think “Rata­touille”). But they would be hap­pier still if they could work on their anx­i­ety prob­lems.

Mas­ter Lee says:

This is a good year for the Rat—even your boss will be ask­ing for your help and if you’re tak­ing part in a com­pe­ti­tion, there’s a good chance that you’ll win! If your job in­volves the out­doors or is ac­tion-based, you’ll suc­ceed even more. Don’t over­think things, though: You might have too much on your mind this year and it may cause trou­ble and cre­ate con­flicts be­tween friends and col­leagues. You fi­nally made it through the tough Year of the Sheep! This year you will thrive. You will be very suc­cess­ful if you are go­ing for ad­vanced or pro­fes­sional stud­ies. If you are plan­ning for a baby, this is the year to do it. There will be an in­flu­en­tial wo­man who helps you, es­pe­cially in the sev­enth to ninth month of the lu­nar cal­en­dar [Aug 3-Oct 30], and if you are a man then you might also land a lover this year. There might be some mi­nor prob­lems fi­nan­cially, and be extra care­ful when driv­ing or do­ing sports.


2011 / 1999 / 1987 1975 / 1963


The Rab­bit is easy­go­ing and no­ble, and skilled at in­ter­per­sonal re­la­tion­ships. They also are ex­cel­lent lis­ten­ers—but their vo­cal com­mu­ni­ca­tion isn’t so good and they should work on their pre­sen­ta­tion skills.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Rab­bits, you are in luck this year! You have the stars that rep­re­sent the em­peror, mean­ing that you should have the chance to start your own busi­ness or get a pro­mo­tion. You will also be ap­pre­ci­ated by some­one in­flu­en­tial. But try to avoid gam­bling as you prob­a­bly won’t have the luck for it. Also, try to avoid get­ting into con­flicts with your boss.


2012 / 2000 1988 / 1976 / 1964


The Dragon is a nat­u­ral leader. They are cre­ative and dare to make break­throughs, but they are less obe­di­ent and can have prob­lems work­ing in teams.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Make some Rat friends as they are go­ing to bring good luck to you. For those who work in the arts, de­sign and prop­erty in­dus­tries, you are in luck this year. How­ever, peo­ple may get jeal­ous of you and you should stop wear­ing yel­low to avoid it. Also, be­ware of heavy ma­chin­ery and health prob­lems brought by your pets. Be pa­tient and try to avoid get­ting drawn into fights.


2013 / 2001 / 1989 1977 / 1965


The Snake is cooler and more self-cen­tered—quite a mys­te­ri­ous char­ac­ter. Snakes should try work­ing on their so­cial skills to im­prove their luck.

Mas­ter Lee says:

You may be fac­ing peo­ple prob­lems—per­haps at work or in re­la­tion­ships. Go get your­self a Mark Six ticket, be­cause you may have good fortune in lot­ter­ies or lucky draws this year. On top of that, your fi­nances should be pretty good. Pay extra at­ten­tion to your health, es­pe­cially your voice and re­s­pi­ra­tory sys­tem. Also be care­ful with your be­long­ings.

Per­son­al­ity: Horse

2014 / 2002 / 1990 1978 / 1966


The Horse is the most grounded of the an­i­mals, with all four hooves on solid terra firma. How­ever they are of­ten not flex­i­ble enough, un­like the witty and quick mon­key.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Sorry horses: This year could be a bit tough for you. Don’t act too hastily and in­stead wait for your op­por­tu­ni­ties to come by. Avoid dan­ger­ous or ex­treme sports, as well as un­nec­es­sary vis­its to hos­pi­tals and fu­ner­als. Be­ware of the safety of your home and work­place, as ac­ci­dents may oc­cur. Wear more white or lighter-col­ored clothes, or try to dec­o­rate your place with white to help bring you luck.


2015 / 2003 1991 / 1979 / 1967 The Goat is the foodie in the house. They are also dream­ers—but don’t just think about it. You have to go af­ter your dreams to make them come true.

Mas­ter Lee says:

Congratulations! Goats are the most likely to get mar­ried this year and if you haven’t got a part­ner yet, it’s prob­a­bly about time for you to think about it. How­ever, take good care of your body as you might have health is­sues this year, and try to avoid head­ing to the moun­tains or go­ing rock climb­ing.

Uh-oh. Take it easy and chill out this year, bro. Maybe stay away from sad movies and ex­treme sports.

You’re in luck! Buy a new car and drive it to the hos­pi­tal for a health checkup. Give a lit­tle blood while you’re there and you’re home free this year.

Have lots of sex, but not too much. Find a good col­league to work with, but don’t sleep with them! Oh, and drink more milk.

Got a startup idea? Now’s your chance to make it hap­pen and CY Le­ung will pay at­ten­tion. But if you’re tak­ing a chance with the fund­ing, make sure it’s with some­one else’s money…

Fi­nally get your Masters and have that kid. It’ll all be easy when Car­rie Lam shows up in your life to lend some ten­der sup­port. Just don’t crash your car.

So this year you’re go­ing to meet a smok­ing hot chick, be­come a movie star and buy a villa on the Peak… be­fore you wind up in debt the year af­ter. That’s quite the roller coaster. Oh, and buy a com­pass.

Quit your cur­rent job and be­come a pro­fes­sional, com­pet­i­tive marathon run­ner. You’ll win ev­ery­thing you en­ter and your coach will ask you how you did it.

So you shouldn’t spend money but you will be trav­el­ling a lot: Guess you’ve got a lot of tram trips along the is­land to take this year.

We’ve made some fai chun for you! Th­ese tra­di­tional Chi­nese New Year dec­o­ra­tions are hung up on door­ways to in­vite in good luck and pros­per­ity.

Cut them out and stick them up for an aus­pi­cious start to the Year of the Mon­key!

En­ter and win the lot­tery, and all of your other prob­lems will be mean­ing­less. Un­less some­one steals your win­ning ticket, that is.

Re­move the high-vis jacket and step away from the dig­ger. Noth­ing good can come of this.

Take it easy. Get more soft fur­nish­ings and stay at home. Buy white cur­tains.

Time to pop the ques­tion. Just don’t do it at the top of The Peak. a) It’s a bit tacky b) It’s not gonna end well.

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