“Sim­ply ig­no­rant.”

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Tien of the Best

In our in­ter­view with law­maker James Tien [“First Per­son,” Jan­uary 29, is­sue 1131], Tien said “Hong Kong used to be the leader, but now look at suc­cess­ful main­land com­pa­nies like Alibaba and Ten­cent.” Face­book read­ers took ex­cep­tion to this…

That is non­sense. Those com­pa­nies only suc­ceed in China due to party sup­port. Let them try and com­pete on the global stage and they fail. I hope Hong Kong en­trepreneurs do not get too wed­ded to the idea of be­com­ing a “Chi­nese” com­pany and lose sight of the big­ger pic­ture.

Craig Bris­tol Dixon

Yes, but China keeps cheat­ing and mak­ing un­fair ad­van­tages, dump­ing money into the mar­ket to ‘prop-it-up’ and de­valu­ing the money to cheat. China is on the edge of a money melt­down be­cause they are cheaters.

Robert J MacFar­land Fur God’s Sake

Read­ers re­spond to an on­line story in which Regina Ip de­fended wear­ing a mink jacket, ex­plain­ing that a mink in a fur farm is a “farm an­i­mal” and wear­ing mink is “just like eat­ing beef.”

An in­ter­est­ing and on point read on the sub­ject I rec­om­mend: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear Cows: An In­tro­duc­tion to Car­nism, by Me­lanie Joy.

Kris­tee Quinn

Point taken. Still wrong. Sounds a lot like ‘we eat beef so we should eat whales/dol­phins.’

Kris Sawatzky

We dis­crim­i­nate an­i­mals based on their ap­pear­ance/cute­ness... must agree with her on this.

Ken Iwaki

Sim­ply ig­no­rant.

Ka Yin

She has a point here.

Justin Li

Close to re­tire­ment, it seems she’s just stopped pre­tend­ing to give a fuck.

Iain Cocks

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